PETITION: Boycott the Super Bowl for airing ad with drag queens

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First, they disrespected the flag.

Now, they are disrespecting your family on the Lord's Day.

This year, Fox TV will allow Sabra Hummus to advertise its products using drag queens during the Super Bowl, which should be a family-friendly event. [Please see the articles below].

Drag queens don't belong in Super Bowl advertising, especially with children watching.

Drag queens are part of a morally and scientifically dangerous ideology, which seeks to confuse young minds as to the reality of human nature and the reality that there are only two sexes, male and female.

Allowing drag queens in Super Bowl advertising breaks trust with parents and ruins the game.

Because of this huge breach of trust, this petition calls on people to pledge to boycott the game.

Do not allow yourself to be used by the LBGT activists who see sport as the final frontier of their conquest to shove their shameful agenda down the throats of everyone, in every area of life, at all times.

  • Should you really have to explain to your children why grown men are dressing up as women to sell hummus?
  • Are you aware that many drag queens have other "jobs" in the "adult entertainment industry," and that some are convicted sex offenders?
  • Are you aware that drag queens are promoting perversion under the false pretenses of "inclusion and acceptance?"

Please consider your innocence and that of your children as you think about watching the Super Bowl this year.

Tell Fox and the Super Bowl that you expect sport and entertainment fit for the whole family, including children.

Please BOYCOTT the Super Bowl this year, and send a message to the Super Bowl, to Fox and to their advertisers that family is more important than football, and that the Lord's Day should be kept holy.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING this urgent petition, which will be sent to the Fox and CC'ed to NFL.

If you also wish to boycott any Sabra branded products, please use the link below to politely make your feelings known. Thank you!


Politely contact Sabra's customer service on this link:

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