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Say NO to musical that mocks aborted babies!

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NOTE: After signing the petition, you'll be given a chance to send a physical postcard to the theater hosting this awful show. If you pay for the postage, we'll handle printing and mailing your card.

Do liberals think abortions tickle?

Apparently 55 million dead babies is a big joke to these clowns.  One part of us says "Don't bring attention to this... that's what they want."

The other half? Screams to the heavens for justice.

This Philadelphia theater company called Lightning Rod Special is desperately seeking a name for their diabolical gag reel — a musical comedy about dead babies — which is scheduled to debut at the Painted Bride Theater this coming August.

Abortion is a tragedy that victimizes over 1.1 million mothers and kills just as many babies.  Planned Parenthood chuckled about the body parts of the babies they've killed, but Congress didn't see it as a laughing matter. Now, a performance company and a theater are working together to make it all into one big joke.

What's next? A comedic musical about the holocaust?

MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is a play so odious, the play's producers haven't been able to find a single sponsor whose heart is hardened enough to fund this hateful, unfeeling spectacle of violence.

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