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PETITION: Airlines must create family friendly movie zones for children and families

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It used to be that, while traveling by plane, you could rely on inflight entertainment which was suitable for the whole family.

Yes, it might have meant that some movies were "edited for content" (i.e., censored), but you didn't have to worry about your, or your children's, innocence being destroyed.

Not anymore.

Indeed, many airlines are now allowing unedited content to be shown on board - which, in certain movies and TV series, means full-blown sex scenes and, or, extreme, gory violence.

And, while many airlines allow parents to limit what children can see on their monitors, they cannot guarantee that other passengers, sitting nearby, will be conscious of the grave damage they can cause when watching such movies.

This urgent petition, therefore, calls on all major airlines to create Family Friendly movie zones for their long-haul flights.

These Family Friendly Zones (FFZ) would be free from PG-13, R, NC-17, and non-rated movies and TV series, and would give parents the security of knowing that they don't have to worry about what their children might see, even in spite of their best efforts to shield them from sex and gore.

The good news is that anyone, including adults who also want to preserve their purity and innocence, could sit in the Family Friendly Zone!

And, implementing such Family Friendly Zones should not be difficult.

In the economy section, for example, there is normally a natural divider, like a set of lavatories, which breaks up the cabin. 

Therefore, a Family Friendly Zone could be filled starting from the lavatories and working back, so that those who are not in the zone would all be behind those who are in the zone, preventing those in the zone from potentially seeing unwanted sex or gore.

Major airlines like Delta, United, American, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, JAL, etc., could offer these Family Friendly Zone seating arrangements free-of-charge on all long-haul flights - gaining kudos from parents everywhere...and, generating business for them, as well.

Indeed, having a Family Friendly Zone could help airlines standout from other airlines competing for traveler loyalty and patronage.

And, all travelers would have to do is select Family Friendly Zone when buying their flights.

Please SIGN this petition now, which will be sent to the airlines listed above, and which calls on them to implement Family Friendly Zone seating arrangement for their long-haul flights.

Thank you!



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