PETITION: Ask Abp Lori to tell Catholic university to promote Catholic identity NOT secular identity!

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Just in time for so-called 'Pride' month, the alumni magazine of Mount St. Mary's University, 'Mount', issued an edition with an announcement promoting homosexual 'marriage'.

This is the latest scandal to take place at the Mount, which was until recently considered a bastion of Catholic orthodoxy.

In April the university's administration announced that it would honor Mark Shriver - a former Maryland politician with a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland - as its 2019 commencement speaker.

Founded in 1808 by Fr. John DuBois, Mount St. Mary's University is America's second oldest Catholic university, and located in the oldest Diocese of the United States.

And, with the US's second-largest seminary attached to the university, Mount St. Mary's has always had a reputation of being orthodox... being a place where the faith was revered and handed-on to the next generation.

Now, that solid, Catholic reputation is being undermined.

And, Catholic faithful, everywhere, should be alarmed, as these affronts to the faith have NATIONAL (and, even international) IMPLICATIONS.

Therefore, this petition asks Archbishop Lori, the head of the Baltimore Archdiocese, to publicly intervene and correct the university administration of Mount St. Mary's for promoting things which are manifestly against Catholic morals and teaching, and, moreover, which are a danger to the life of grace of any Christian.

This petition also asks that the Archbishop insist on, and be given, a "right to reply" in the next issue of the alumni magazine.

The way that this current scandal came about is that the university's alumni magazine, 'Mount', published a homosexual 'engagement' announcement placed by two graduates. Please click on the link below to read more about this story.

But, taken together, these two scandals represent a rapid departure, not just away from orthodoxy towards heterodoxy, but also from the promotion of good to the promotion of evil.

This is emphatically NOT a 'Catholic identity!'

Please ask Archbishop Lori to tell the administration of Mount St. Mary's to START promoting a Catholic identity again, not grounded in "inclusion" and "diversity", but in love and reverence for God's eternal law.

Thank you for SIGNING this petition, TODAY!



When questioned by LifeSiteNews, the university's Director of Public Relations and Communications, Donna Klinger, offered the following rationale for inclusion of same-sex engagements in the school’s alumni magazine (quoted, in part, here):

"...Through its alumni magazine, the university shares the news of all alumni. We do not make judgments about the news being shared, and inclusion of an announcement does not imply the university’s endorsement. Filtering news to reject anything that does not follow Catholic teaching would deprive all alumni of learning about life’s milestones of not only people who are in same-sex relationships but also those who are divorced and entering second marriages, or those who have children out of wedlock."

So, there are two themes presented: 1) You are judgmental if you see homosexual 'marriage' as an affront to God's law and natural law. And, seeking to win the admiration of the world, the university administration no longer cares to defend God's law and natural law; and, 2) The university administration equates natural marriages which have failed civilly, with unnatural relations between two people of the same sex.

Of course, it is terrible when marriages fail, civilly. But, to equate marriage between one man and one woman with a so-called homosexual 'marriage' is not only a false equivalent (because those two things, which are fundamentally different, can never be equal), but also damaging to the faith of the individuals and to the community involved, not to mention a grave scandal to Catholic faithful everywhere.

What the university administration and the editors of 'Mount' need to bear in mind, is that this is NOT about "the happy couple", or about the two men, as individuals. With respect, it's not about them. It's about the defense of the faith!


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