Boycott Liam Neeson over shockingly offensive pro-abortion ad (Sign the petition)

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Liam Neeson wants Irish parents to be able to kill their unborn babies, and he’s frustrated that Ireland’s Christian history, in the form of its 100% pro-life Constitution, is preventing them from doing so.

In a shockingly offensive new ad, created in partnership with Amnesty International, the camera lingers over a creepy, crumbling church and graveyard. In a voice-over, Neeson decries what he calls a “cruel ghost” that “haunts Ireland” and that “blindly brings suffering, even death,” to women.  

Finally, the camera pans to a cross on a gravestone, while Neeson says, “Ireland doesn’t have to be chained to its past. It’s time to lay this ghost to rest.” He then calls for the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution – the amendment that acknowledges the “right to life of the unborn” and protects babies from being killed by abortion.

"Abortion is illegal in Ireland, even when there’s a risk to health and in cases of rape, incest and foetal impairment. Help us change this," the ad concludes.

In this ad, Neeson is directly targeting the lives of countless unborn Irish children, who risk being brutally killed if Ireland repeals its humane pro-life laws. Ireland is one of very few countries in the world where the rights of unborn human beings are protected in law. 

Meanwhile, Matthew Archbold of the National Catholic Register said the ad “reeks of anti-Catholicism.” That’s putting it mildly.

It is Ireland’s strong Christian history that has cultivated the pro-life convictions of its people, and ensured that the country’s most vulnerable – the unborn – are protected in law. The use of the images of a crumbling church and a cross in the ad is no accident. 

Neeson's fans rightly respect him as an actor. However, he needs to hear from them that his support for the pro-abortion cause in Ireland is unacceptable and far from compassionate. It’s time to boycott his movies, and urge him to courageously stand up for the right to life of all human beings – including the unborn. 

Irish pro-life organizations to donate to, instead of watching Neeson's films:

- Youth Defense
- Pro-life Campaign

- Family and Life