PETITION: Call on Senate and Trump to REJECT Democrats' $60M abortion budget bill language

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Restoring and expanding the ban on foreign aid to abortion organizations was one of President Donald Trump’s earliest and most consequential pro-life moves.

But, right now, Senate Republicans are poised to approve a Democrat budget amendment that would send millions of taxpayer dollars to some of the very groups that were supposed to be cut-off.

Such a move would be a betrayal of the trust which pro-lifers have placed in the Republican Party -- and will not be forgotten when the parties are seeking volunteers for next year's election campaign.

That's why we are launching this urgent petition, asking Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (and, President Trump, if it gets that far) to reject the Democrats' lethal abortion budget language.

Please SIGN this urgent petition today, and SHARE with your pro-life family, friends and colleagues - these proposals could be voted on at any time!

As reported in the Daily Wire earlier this week, Senate Republicans have not moved to quash an amendment by Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH), that would provide almost $60 million to U.S.-based organizations which list abortion as part of their core mission.

And, Shaheen - a vociferous abortion promoter - boasted in a September 30 press release that she also added funding to the United Nations Population Fund, from which the Trump administration withdrew in 2017 over its participation in China’s forced abortion regime.

But, in spite of her brazen attempt to force the American taxpayer to fund abortion promoters, Shaheen's pro-abortion language somehow survived the Republican-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee.

All this means that we now need to demand that Senate Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans act to remove this pro-abortion language from the budget bill.

In acting to remove this deadly language, Senate Republicans would do well to remember that they should want to stoke, not dampen, pro-lifers' enthusiasm just before an election year!

But, should an unaltered bill reach President Trump's desk, we must remind him of the promise he made not to sign any abortion legislation...just this year, at the March for Life.

American taxpayers should not be forced to pay $60 million to support the killing of the unborn!

And, pro-life support and enthusiasm must not be taken for granted in this coming re-election campaign which is so crucial to the Republican Party.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent and vital petition, asking Senate Leader McConnell and all Senate Republicans to remove pro-abortion language from any budget bill before voting on it.

And, if it gets that far, we must remind President Trump of his pledge to pro-lifers, and ask that he veto any pro-abortion bill.

Thank you!


"ALERT: Senate GOP allows budget language sending $60 million to global abortion orgs" -

"Trump promises to veto any abortion legislation in March for Life address" -


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