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PETITION: Urge Canadian authorities to protect 10-year-old ‘drag kid’ from abuse

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NB: is not reporting on this story because of its sensational nature, but because we sincerely care about the welfare of the child involved. Also, everything reported on here is public knowledge.
Controversy has erupted in Canada after a 10-year-old boy – popularly known by the drag name “Queen Lactatia” – was shown having posed with a nude adult male during a photoshoot for Huck Magazine.
While the magazine chose not to incorporate the photo in its story about "drag kid" Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, the disturbing picture made its way to the public eye, via Twitter.
This outrage demands - and, this petition asks for - the immediate intervention of the Quebec Child Protective Services, under the auspices of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (Ministère de la Santé et Services Sociaux).
The fact that Mélançon-Golden has been subject to this grave harm of his childhood for more than a year, purportedly "encouraged by his supportive parents," only makes this situation all the more alarming. [see the Advocate article below]
At 10 years old, a child cannot understand everything that adults understand about a distinctly adult world - fraught with sensuality and sexual innuendo.
But the parents CAN and SHOULD understand that world, and should take steps to protect their children from it, NOT allow them into it!
Should the parents be allowing such things, it may very possibly meet the legal definition of child abuse. Should they have been misled into it or worse, criminal charges should be pursued against the abusers. Suspected child abuse requires investigation and intervention from the authorities.
And, the Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal's guidance on child abuse confirms the possibility that this case meets the legal definition of child abuse.
First, they define a "child" in Quebec (the home province of Mélançon-Golden) as anyone under 18.
And second, and most important, under the heading, "What are the signs of child abuse or neglect?", this is one of the signs: [a child] "has sexual knowledge or experience that goes beyond his or her age or stage of development."
Given the appalling circumstances of the nude photoshoot, Mélançon-Golden meets the test for possible child abuse, on these grounds.

And, Section 38 of Quebec's Youth Protection Act specifies that a child’s security and development are considered at risk, if: "The child has suffered or is likely to suffer from sexual abuse, including sexual exploitation."

Being pictured with a naked man in a photoshoot would, to the rational observer, seem to more than adequately meet the test for either outright sexual abuse, or, at minimum sexual exploitation.

According to the Advocate magazine, the child has been subjected to this "lifestyle" for more than 1.5 years, demonstrating that this is probably not just a one-off occurrence, but the culmination of a pattern of behaviour.

Please sign this urgent petition which demands that action be taken by the Quebec authorities.

This shocking situation cannot be allowed to continue. Thank you!


Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal:

Articles reporting the facts of this case:



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