PETITION: Demand CBS management stop Stephen Colbert's mockery of Jesus

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Stephen Colbert's mockery of Christ is not only not funny, it's also cowardly.

Over the past three month, the CBS late-night show which bears Colbert's name has resorted to mocking Jesus Christ in irreverent political cartoons.

This petition demands that CBS (the network which hosts Colbert's show) put a stop to this mockery of Christ and anti-Christian bigotry.

The cartoons' primary purpose is to ridicule Vice President Mike Pence by poking fun at what some may see as a discrepancy in his claiming to be Christian while supporting policies which those people see as 'un-Christian.'

Of course, good political satire is fine.

But, the problem is that this political satire achieves its end by depicting Christ as both vindictive and silly.

In the first cartoon which aired at the end of June, Christ is depicted as following Pence up the stairs of Airforce Two and telling Pence to stop attributing policies to Him. As Pence nears the top of the steps, Christ is depicted as tackling Pence so that he trips and falls.

And in the second cartoon which aired at the end of August, the Colbert show depicts Christ as 'crashing' Mike Pence's speech at the Republican National Convention.

Just after Pence declares that, "America is a nation of miracles," Christ is depicted as descending to Pence's podium and disgracefully identifying Himself to be "the miracle guy..."

On top of this irreverence, the rest of the video depicts Christ as a silly God, Who changes Pence's microphone into fish (obvious reference to Jesus' miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes), and then ascends into Heaven shouting, "That's right. Jesus eats weird stuff. Got it!?!"

Mocking what other people hold dear is always in bad taste. But, mocking God, Himself, for the sake of a few laughs, is unacceptable.

Would Stephen Colbert's Late Show mock Muhammad with cartoon depictions? The simple answer is: 'Not on Stephen Colbert's life.'

And, this fact just proves that Colbert and co. are acting like cowardly bullies when they use silly depictions of Christ to ridicule the Vice President.

In essence, they selected a group who they see as weak (Christians) and ridiculed them and their God.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which demands that CBS put a stop to Colbert's irreverent depictions of Christ.

Thank you.


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