Defend professor raised by lesbians who supports traditional marriage (Petition)

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Robert Oscar Lopez, an openly bisexual professor (although he is now married to a woman) raised by his mom and her lesbian partner, faces losing tenure, and possibly his job - all because he gave students an optional assignment to present at a pro-family conference at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. (Read more details here).

Students who chose to attend complained that it was "anti-gay," and claimed that by giving them the option of going to the conference, for credit, Lopez had "discrminated" against them. 

Administrators have now connived a charge of "retaliation" against Lopez, even though the student he allegedly retaliated against received an "A" in his class, and their "evidence" consists of unproven sentence fragments.

In the end, Lopez is being investigated because he believes that children have a right to a mom and a dad - and because he dared to expose his students to this opinion. 

While this sort of discrimination is not surprising, it is chilling. CalState is tax-funded, and Lopez's views on marriage, IVF, and children are exactly what college students need to hear in the anti-family atmosphere of public universities.

Unlike so many, Lopez has bravely and correctly said that “children have a right to a mother and a father.” As a bisexual man raised by lesbians, one would think CalState would love to have him on board -- except that he has the wrong opinions.

Lopez told LifeSiteNews last year that while he "would support same-sex 'marriage,'" LGBT groups have "pulled a bait and switch on the American people and entangled marriage with a right to 'have children,' which in the gay context, means the right to acquire other people's children."

Lopez also opposes IVF, and compares it to slavery. "This is the transformation of human beings into chattel in a way we haven't seen since before slavery was abolished," Lopez told LifeSiteNews. "I have stated many times that this isn't identical to the African slave trade, which involved far worse abuse, but there is an undeniable commonality between pre-13th-Amendment slavery and what is being advocated by groups like the Human Rights Campaign."

In both slavery and modern-day efforts of the homosexual lobby, "children are being forcibly removed from their birth kin and assigned custodians through a system based on buying and selling human beings."

Lopez considers children's right to natural parents -- something he was denied -- so important that he filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court to support children...and against redefining marriage.