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SIGN THE PETITION: Call for fair media coverage of the March for Life!

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Today, we know that media bias - especially on the issue of abortion - is all too real.

As the March for Life approaches (Friday, January 18th), media organizations are making their preparations for how they intend to cover the annual rally against legalized abortion.

This petition calls on the mainstream media - specifically ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - to give fair and decent coverage to America’s longest-running human rights protest... in terms of time on-air and objective, truthful reporting.

The March for Life, which has been going for 45 years, attracts at the very least 100,000 every year, and sometimes up to 500,000! 

People from all walks of life, and, of all ages (especially lots of young people in their teens and 20’s), attend the peaceful rally every year.

And the March for Life isn’t just a march, but actually a whole week full of pro-life events, seminars, and worship (Click on the link below to see more).  

But, in spite of the huge numbers and all of the well-known speakers to address the March for Life (including Presidents, Vice Presidents and other popular celebrities and pundits), mainstream media bias has been consistent and significant.

In 2018, according to the Media Research Center,  the mainstream news channels - ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - gave 7 times more coverage to the Women’s March than to the March for Life.

In terms of time on-air, this amounts to a total of only 3 minutes, 46 seconds for the March for Life versus 25 minutes, 24 seconds for the Women's March.

One of the rallies is explicitly pro-life, while the other is explicitly pro-abortion.

And, whereas the disparity in terms of on-air coverage could be accounted for by several factors, there is no doubting that the media’s pro-abortion bias weighed heavily in their decision to give 7 times more coverage to the pro-abortion march than to the pro-life march.

However, with the recent changes on the Supreme Court - and with the real possibility that Roe vs Wade could be soon overturned, God willing. Perhaps, that fact will better focus the media’s attention on the March for Life.

But, also, journalistic integrity on abortion - at ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - still matters.

The mainstream media should know that their promotion of abortion and their diminution of pro-life events and arguments has only obscured, but not completely hidden, the truth about abortion from the general public.


Because real-life experience is the best teacher.

The simple truth is: After 45 years of legalized abortion, Americans now KNOW that at its core abortion is destructive.

And Americans are growing weary of destruction…

They are also growing weary of being told, by their media, that destruction is good.

Like with slavery or any other similar injustice, this is the lie which ultimately leads people from darkness to the light.

At some point, people simply can’t bear any more destruction.

Now, it is time for the people who are in the mainstream media to take note: the American people have reached that point, and we don’t want any more destruction.

And, we also don’t want to be lied to anymore about abortion.

Please sign this petition which tells the journalists at ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, to give fair and decent coverage to the March for Life on Friday, 18th January, 2019… and to stop promoting the destructive practice of abortion.

Thank you!


Information on the 2019 March for Life.

Information on the past media bias during the March for Life.


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