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TELL DOUG FORD: Don't silence pro-life candidates like Tanya Granic Allen!

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Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford has removed social conservative champion Tanya Granic Allen as a candidate in Ontario's June 7 election over strong comments opposing abortion and gay "marriage."

Though they know she's been an unapologetic pro-life and pro-family advocate, Ford and the Ontario PC Party claim her remarks were “irresponsible.”

In response, social conservative leaders are rallying strongly behind Granic Allen.
"If Doug Ford has declared war on Social Conservatives we're ready to do battle," says Campaign Life Coalition vice president Jeff Gunnarson. "We have ten thousand paid up troops. They are trained, they are eager and they will strike when given the word. This is the worst mistake Ford has made and will make on this campaign. He's going to eat that decision."

"We are angry and heart broken for Tanya. We will support her in a court challenge. We will support her if she runs as an independent," he added.

Granic Allen had just easily captured the party's nomination on April 21 in Mississauga Centre, with 55 percent of the vote.

Shockingly, Ford has ousted Granic Allen after she served as kingmaker when he won the leadership on March 10, and then stood beside him during his acceptance speech.

Sign the petition and tell Doug Ford not to silence pro-life, pro-family candidates!



BREAKING: Doug Ford ousts Tanya Granic Allen for strong remarks against abortion, gay ‘marriage’

Granic Allen has been unapologetic about her pro-life and pro-family stance.

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