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Bishops, please speak out on the crisis under Pope Francis

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“…the light of the world, a city set on a hill, a lamp set on a lampstand” (Matthew 5:13-16)

The Church is suffering as never before. Confusion is rampant and division is rife.

Many eminent and orthodox Catholic thinkers believe that a large part of the problem is the failure of many Bishops to forcefully speak the truth of Christ, in and out of season, without counting the cost.

Now, the Lepanto Foundation is launching an appeal to all of the Bishops of the world, encouraging them to be Faithful Shepherds...faithful, first and foremost to the precepts of Christ, His Church and the traditions of our Holy Faith.

LifeSiteNews and LifePetitions fully support and endorse the Lepanto Foundation’s appeal to our Bishops.

But, we are UPPING the ante!

Along with SIGNING the petition to the Bishops of the world, we are ALSO calling on faithful Catholics (e.g. YOU) to CONTACT their OWN Bishops, to encourage them to boldly speak-up when issues of faith and morals are at stake.

After signing the petition, please read the ‘Tips’ section below to learn more about how to approach your own Bishop.

So, this petition is really an urgent call-to-action - to all faithful Catholics.

When you SIGN this petition, an email will be sent to the various Bishops’ Conferences around the world - using the very words of the appeal by our friends at the Lepanto Foundation.*

Their appeal, which is called ‘Dare Monsignor!’ (in reference to the Bishops of the Church), asks Bishops to shun human respect and careerism in favor of boldly daring to proclaim the truths of the Catholic Faith.

These days, it is easy to understand how many of the faithful are asking: “Where have the Faithful Shepherds gone?”

The answer is: They haven’t physically disappeared; they have very simply grown silent.

So, for those of us who love our Mother, the Church (Bishops, priests, and laity included), is it not time for POSITIVE action?

Above all, we, faithful Catholics, need to encourage our Faithful Shepherds to speak the truth, about faith and morals, at all times.

Thank you, in advance, for SIGNING this petition and, then, COMMITTING to contact your Bishop.


1) Some of the most relevant points you can use to encourage your Bishop to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ and our Holy Mother, the Church...and, to speak up, without fear, are to be found attached to this LifeSiteNews article about the launch of the Lepanto Foundation’s appeal to the Bishops.

2) Below are some suggestions on ways to contact your Bishop:

You can arrange a personal meeting; you can approach him after Mass, if you live in the Cathedral city; you can make a phone call to the Chancery Office; or you can write a personal letter.

In making contact with your Shepherd, please be polite, civil and charitable, yet remain firm in your request.

You can also visit Faithful, LifeSite’s own website dedicated solely to encouraging U.S. Bishops to be faithful to Christ. On the site, you can search for your bishop and email him or send him a postcard asking him to uphold the perennial teachings of the Church. Click here to visit Faithful Shepherds.

3) Remember: there are still many, many good and holy Bishops - probably the vast majority - who believe in, and love, the precepts of the Faith. Our goal is not to browbeat or belittle them, but to encourage them in their love of Christ and His Church.

* Please click on the LifeSiteNews article about Lepanto’s launch to read the full text of the Lepanto Foundation’s appeal to the Bishops of the world.



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