PETITION: Bernie (and Democrats) must answer questions about abortion-infanticide

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2020 Democratic candidates have not been asked about infanticide.

They haven't been asked whether or not they would deprive life-saving treatment to a baby who is born alive after an attempted abortion.

This is in the news again, because, just a few days ago, an Ohio couple were arrested on manslaughter charges after they tried, and failed, to kill their child by a chemical abortion.

And, what voters want to know from Democrats is the same thing that Princeton Professor Robert George asked on Twitter:

"Ohio woman takes abortion pills. They cause labor but fail to kill baby, who's born alive at 28 wks. Woman & boyfriend provide no care, seek no med help. Child dies. Police find corpse in shoebox. Couple is prosecuted for manslaughter. Question for Dem candidates: Should they be?"

This petition calls on the hosts of the next three Democratic debates, NBC News (2/19), CBS News (2/25), and CNN (3/15) to ask these tough question on infanticide and abortion.

WATCH, here, as abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden calls on the debate moderators to ask the tough questions!

Over the past year, the Democratic Party have shown themselves to be the "abortion party", going so far as to celebrate their support for late-term abortion and for infanticide.

Now, with the upcoming election, the American public deserves to know if the party's candidates are as radical as the rest of the party on the questions of abortion and infanticide.

Remember, Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran? Last year, she proposed a measure which would permit aborting children even as a mother has begun dilating in preparation to give birth.

Remember Governor Northam? He defended Tran's outrageous proposal and, then, astonishingly, defended depriving life-saving treatment to babies who survive abortion.

Remember how House Democrats consistently denied Republican requests to vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would legally oblige medical professionals to render aid to babies who survive abortions?

Nancy Pelosi's Democrats denied Republican requests more than EIGHTY TIMES!

This radically heartless and morbid attitude towards life seems to be becoming the norm for the Democratic Party.

Now is the time to call on NBC News, CBS News and CNN to ask the tough question of whether or not the Democratic candidates support infanticide. Or, whether they would do the right thing and support life-saving treatment.**

Thank you SIGNING and SHARING this petition.

If after you sign, you feel inclined to politely share your wishes with NBC News, CBS News and CNN, please write to the following NBC email address, leave feedback with CBS, or contact the following telephone number at CNN's parent company, Warner Media. Thank you!

NBC News - [email protected]

CBS News -

CNN (Contact Warner Media, the parent company of CNN) - 212-484-8000


** By asking the Democratic candidates to express the minimum compassion for those who survive attempted abortion,LifeSite is not somehow suggesting that we think abortion is justifiable in any circumstance.

We simply wish to identify, for the American public, how radical the Democrats have become on this issue of abortion, that they are even willing to accept infanticide.

To be clear, LifeSite considers abortion and infanticide, in all circumstances, to be heinous crimes against God and man.

But, will the debate moderators have the courage to ask the hard questions? And, if so, will the candidates give a straight answer?