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Arline Lester + RIP

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PETITION UPDATE (1/17/20) - Arline Lester has passed away +RIP.

Although the circumstances are not entirely known, due to the "gag order" being placed on this tragic case, we understand that Arline Lester died, late yesterday, after having life-sustaining treatment removed.

Any funds that were raised to fight for Arline's right to life - which went unspent - will be donated to fight against euthanasia in New York.

Unfortunately, the very same leftist coalition that took over the New York Senate last year and passed the radical “Reproductive” Rights Act is the same that is seeking to legalize euthanasia. And, a bill has already been filed for the 2020 term in the New York State Legislature, so another attempt to push assisted suicide will happen this year.

We will leave up this petition, in memoriam, for three days, after which it will be taken down.

Please pray for Arline and all those involved in this tragic case.


Arline Lester is recovering in a New York hospital after having one of her legs amputated. And, although Arline's recovery has been difficult (she is connected to a ventilator and a feeding tube in order to help her get stronger), she is conscious and alert.

AND, when asked, repeatedly, by one of her sons if she wants to live, she mouthed the words: "I want to live." [Click HERE to WATCH the video].

Not only that, but Arline has also recently been evaluated as mentally capable of making her own decisions - to update her living will, to reflect her desire to live! [Click on this link to see another video of Arline speaking.]

Nevertheless, seemingly because of a family dispute over Arline's future care, her life now hangs in the balance. A Nassau County (NY) court is currently deciding on whether Arline will live or die.

And, the brutal truth is that disconnecting Arline's feeding tube will lead to her starvation and death.

This is wrong! This is savage and cruel!

This joint petition, with the Personhood Alliance, sends the clear message to Nassau County (NY) courts and to her hospital: Let Arline Live!

Though Arline has been bed-bound for some time, and had lost the use of speech, on New Year's Day, 2020, Arline celebrated her 91st birthday...AND, she started speaking again!

Responding to her son's friend, Arline clearly indicates that she is not in pain by shaking her head 'No'. And further responding, Arline can clearly be seen and heard saying, "Thank you," in video taken in the hospital.

This great birthday gift came just at the right time, because the Nassau County courts are now deciding Arline's fate.

So, we now ask you to send this clear message to the Nassau County courts and to Arline's hospital, to respect her desire to live, and to be cared for by one of her sons.

Let them know that you stand for life, not death. And, please pray for Arline and all patients in a similar state.

Thank you!

**This petition will be hand-delivered to the son who wishes to care for Arline, Edward Lester.**


The trial is happening this very week and Edward's legal team is in dire need of funds for such basic things as paying for court transcripts and mounting a possible appeal, so he can defend his mother's right to life.

This is the time for pro-lifers to unite behind a family in need.


WATCH the video where Arline expresses her will to live:

LifeSite article '91-year-old mother in legal fight to stay on life-support in US hospital':

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