PETITION: Keep Prostitution Illegal in DC

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Right now, the DC City Council, led by Councilman David Grosso, is trying to decriminalize prostitution in the District of Columbia.

Prostitution is an extreme form of exploitation that harms men, women, children, and society, and very often crosses over into human trafficking.

People are not commodities who can be bought and sold, and our laws should continue to reflect the dangers that prostitution poses to the family, to the individuals involved, and to public morals and health.

Does anyone want to see the seat of the U.S. Government turned into a red light district?

The short, yet emphatic answer is 'No!' and that's why LifeSite and the Personhood Alliance are joining forces to stand against legalizing the sexual exploitation of human beings in DC.

DC is the mid-point on I-95 between the northern and southern states. It's one of the most heavily-traveled international destinations, and it's already a mecca for domestic minor sex trafficking.

Please SIGN THIS PETITION, which asks Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pledge that, even if the DC City Council passes a resolution to decriminalize prostitution, the US Senate will ensure that the federal laws against prostitution (which take precedence over District policy) remain in force.

The suggestion that "Sex work is work" is a superficial slogan that's currently being shopped to our youth, to glamorize and draw them into this immoral and harmful lifestyle.

It's an insulting response to the reality that men, women, boys, and girls must exchange their bodies and their human dignity for money multiple times every night in order to "make a living."

Most of these victims never even see a dime of that money, which instead lines the pockets of pimps so they can groom and recruit more victims.

Victims are harmed greatly by this exploitation and by the physical and emotional abuse, addiction, abortion, disease, and poverty that go hand-in-hand with being trafficked.

In what universe can this be qualified as dignified "work?"

Prostitution is, rather, a form of modern slavery.

By legalizing this form of sexual exploitation, the DC City Council will further condemn men, women, and children to this terrible fate.

Instead, we must help victims escape the grip of human trafficking, heal from its trauma, and help communities and organizations form alliances to identify and prevent it.

Decriminalizing prostitution is not the solution.

Please SIGN this urgent petition now, and ask Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pledge that the US Senate will ensure federal laws against prostitution remain in force in Washington, DC, even if the DC City Council moves to decriminalize it.

The US Senate has already made use of this legal approach to prohibit the legalization of marijuana in DC. The same can and should be done again, with respect to prostitution.

Thank you!


Text of the US Senate Appropriations Bill which includes the marijuana prohibition for DC (See Section 809 on pages 161-162):,%20S.2524.pdf

The US Senate has already made use of federal law, which supersedes DC's local laws and policies, to prohibit the legalization of marijuana. The same can, and should, be done, again, with respect to prostitution.