PETITION: Cancel 'manipulative' Down syndrome drag show!

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Potentially "manipulative and exploitative."

"The sexualization of people with a diminished capacity to consent."

That's how many people are describing an event called 'Drag Syndrome' -- an event, which was already cancelled once, but which has now been re-scheduled.

This petition is calling on the Wealthy Theatre, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to reconsider their hosting of this mis-guided and potentially exploitative show, and "re-cancel" the event.

PLEASE SIGN NOW, as the re-scheduled event is slated to take place THIS COMING Saturday, September 7th.

A drag group known as 'Drag Syndrome' is comprised of performers with Down syndrome, and is an LGBT activist's terribly mis-guided attempt to promote so-called “inclusion.”

Their performances feature song and dance by men wearing women’s dresses, garish makeup, wigs, and in some cases fake breasts. Women sport beards and men’s clothing.

Remember, though, that these men and women are members of the Down syndrome community.

And, yes, that makes a difference.

Because, as states: "Down syndrome ... affects a person’s ability to think, reason, understand, and be social. The effects range from mild to moderate."

So, any reasonable observer, who knows that those with Down syndrome did not conceive and put together this troupe on their own, will be left to wonder to what extent, if any, those with Down syndrome, who would participate in this event, are being exploited by activists to unsuspectingly push the LGBT agenda.

In a nutshell, that's why people are so outraged by this event.

They are not angry with the members of the Down syndrome community, but rather with the creators, organizers and the venue owners -- for being so blind to the potential for exploitation of such vulnerable people.

This event is NOT about promoting social justice, nor is it socially responsible.

Using one group of vulnerable people - especially, in a highly-sexualized way - to advance the cause of another group of people can only, rightly, be called unjust and irresponsible.

Also, one never knows how this message might be received by people who do not have the best interests of the Down syndrome community at heart, and who may see this as a green light to sexually exploit one of their members.

The Wealthy Theatre does not have to support this, nor feel bullied, perhaps, into supporting it by the LGBT community or some other so-called "progressives."

Apart from becoming poorer in reputation, the Wealthy Theatre also stands to lose a lot of revenue from people who will silently boycott them from now on, if they allow this show to take place in their venue.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING this urgent petition, which asks the Management of the Wealthy Theatre to reconsider and CANCEL their hosting of this potentially exploitative event.

Thank you!


'LGBT activist creates drag show using males living with Down syndrome' -