Boycott Netflix for selling condom candy to children

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The sexualization of children is a disease in our society, and now Netflix has teamed up with a company using condom-shaped candy to instruct children and adults to “celebrate sex, the fun times, the awkward times, and the downright dirty times” in its long-running 'Sex Education' show.

The degenerate, exploitative messaging from Netflix and Candy Kittens has been spotted on shopping aisles throughout the UK, where children and parents have been shocked to find condom-shaped candy selling among other products aimed at young consumers.

Join our Boycott: Netflix's perverse grooming of children with candy must stop 

Children naturally love going to the candy aisle of a supermarket to explore what their next treat may be. It is no coincidence that Netflix have marketed a sick ploy to promote their TV series 'Sex Education' in this popular aisle for children. 

Retail giant Tesco has stocked the condom candy on its shelves, as have many other stores in the UK, and we can expect to see them in North America and beyond if people do not force Netflix to withdraw the product entirely.

The Candy Kitten confectionery openly promotes Netflix's ‘Sex Education’ series on the front, while the back of its vulgar packaging says: “Sweets and sex. They go hand in hand, obviously. After all, they both aim to make you feel good, right? So, we’ve teamed up with the hit Netflix show Sex Education to celebrate sex - the fun times, the awkward times, and the downright dirty times. No judgement here, just a whole lot of love.” 

”Unleash your wild side with our fruity explosion of Wild Strawberry vegan sweets, we've even added in some condom shaped sweets in each pack to spice things up,” the website adds.

SIGN: Stop the sexualization of our children by Netflix 

Netflix’s 'Sex Education' is an adolescent show that centers around the theme of sexual intimacy for teens.

Promotion of this show should have no place in a section of a supermarket that innocent children visit all the time, especially not with condom-shaped candy. 

Act now before these condom candies hit stores in North America and beyond. 

We must boycott Netflix and teach yet another massive company that our children will not be exploited for sexual gratification and profit.

SIGN: Boycott Netflix for its explicit sexual themes on children's candy packaging