PETITION: Shocking teen-trans Sprite ad must be pulled immediately

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The Coca-Cola Company has sunk to a new low in the promotion of perversity.

The huge, American multi-national company has come out with a new video advertising teenage transgenderism and homosexuality for its Argentine market.

Yes, the Sprite logo appears, as well as a bottle and a can of the soft drink, but the ad is more about the promotion of transgenderism and homosexuality, for teens, than it is about any commercial product.

The Coca-Cola Company - who owns Sprite - is a known purveyor of this type of sexual corruption and cultural imperialism. Just this past summer (2019), the company pushed a suggestive ad campaign in Hungary promoting homosexuality which was widely rejected by the public.

But, this new campaign is not suggestive; it is, rather, full-on perverse.

What makes this campaign so bad is that the ad actively attacks the fabric of family life. In less than 2 minutes, it depicts, as acceptable, practices which most families would find decidedly unacceptable.

The ad is full of vignettes, telling short stories of how some young, gender-confused and homosexual people get to the so-called "Pride" march in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

The vignettes are all sickeningly objectionable because they mostly show some "straight" family members encouraging other family members in their perversity.

  • One vignette show a mother applying eye-liner to her son's eyes, before the parade.
  • Another shows grandma helping her grandson to look like a drag queen, complete with a silver bikini and a blue-haired wig.
  • Yet another shows two teenage lesbians being met approvingly at one of their family homes by a younger brother and sister ,who lovingly give them a rainbow flag with a big heart painted in the middle.
  • Astonishingly, one vignette even shows a young girl in the highly dangerous practice of binding her chest, before going to the march. Her sister (or, female friend) actually tightens the binding.
  • And, in the final vignette of the video, a mother and father watch wistfully as their young teenage son and his boyfriend disappear, walking hand-in-hand, into the crowd at the march. And, as the father looks on, these words appear on the screen: "Orgullo: Lo que sentis cuando alguien que queres elige ser feliz." Or, in English: "Pride: what you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy."

But, no amount of rainbow flags and no amount of fancy dress, can hide the fact that transgenderism and homosexuality do not ultimately lead to true happiness. Studies say that the suicide rate among gender-confused people is six times higher than the general population.

Therefore, it is an arrogant and dangerous form of cultural imperialism which seeks to push this kind of corruption and sexual deviancy on the peoples of various countries around the world.

It must be resisted, and, to the extent possible, the Coca-Cola Company must be shamed and shown for the cultural imperialists that they are.

Using the family and children to promote sexual perversion is about as low as a business can sink. In civilized company, we call that "child abuse".

Please SIGN this petition which demands that the Coca-Cola Company pulls this outrageous teen-trans ad, and stops its attempt to sexually corrupt Argentina by pushing teenage transgenderism and homosexuality.

This petition, which is also CC'ed to the Argentine Bishops' Conference and to the Papal Nuncio in Argentina, asks them to speak out strongly against this type of invasive and corrupting cultural imperialism and sexual deviancy.