PETITION: Demand the CBC remove sex, drugs, polygamy aimed at kids on Snapchat ads

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Canada’s national broadcaster has been using Snapchat - the internet messaging service popular with teens - to introduce sex, drugs, and polygamy, among other things, to children. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) signed a deal with Snapchat in late 2017, and has been using tax-payer funding to promote raunchy Snapchat clickbait.

The content being promoted by the CBC isn’t appropriate for anyone, and definitely not 13 year-olds!

This urgent petition demands that the CBC remove this offensive content which is aimed at children!

Indeed, downright vile and salacious 'stories' are being offered by the CBC for the perusal of Canada's kids.

One of the 'stories', advertised with a photo of two young women gazing mistily at each other, is about the benefits of "smoking narcotics before intercourse." And another 'story,' which is about the sexual attractiveness of disabled people, shows a man in bondage gear. Still another introduces kids to the concept of polygamy!

And, make no mistake, children and young adults are the targets of the CBC's tax-payer-funded filth.

The fact that Snapchat is predominantly used by young people is well known in advertising and media circles. 90 percent of Snapchat users are aged between 13 and 24 and use the platform for an average of 40 minutes a day. 

We simply cannot allow the Canadian tax-payer-funded broadcaster to destroy our children's innocence!

By using Snapchat in this way, the CBC seems to want to deliberately go around Canadian parents, to introduce harmful and damaging concepts to Canada's children.

This is an outrageous usurpation of a parents' right to filter what their children view on the internet.

And, as the CBC well knows about the young demographic using Snapchat, their introduction of 'adult' content into this platform could well be construed as tantamount to child abuse.

Yes, "child abuse"...because harm WILL result. The Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal says that one of the signs of child abuse is that a child: "has sexual knowledge or experience that goes beyond his or her age or stage of development."

And because, according to Canada's Child Protection Laws, introducing sexual concepts to children in the form of Sex Talk, Voyeurism, and Exhibitionsim (which the above 'stories' qualify) IS a form of abuse!

13 years-old is too young to be normalizing polygamy, sex, and drugs! 

Sign this petition to demand that the CBC remove their offensive content from Snapchat, and stop indoctrinating and destroying the innocence of Canada's children. 

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, TODAY, to stop the CBC from sharing such offensive content. 



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