PETITION: US kids kidnapped by Norwegian gov’t. Urge Trump to intervene

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Norway’s Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) is destroying families by ripping children from their parents, in many cases, without just cause.   

Barnevernet has been convicted of multiple human rights violations for wrongfully removing children from their parents. And yet, the organizations refuses to change its ways.

Some parents have to wait years, often without contact with their children, before they can reunite their families. Often, these reunifications come only after a large public outcry.  

This should never happen. Families shouldn’t be ripped apart without explanation. Once they are, it shouldn’t be near impossible to restore them.

These children are effectively kidnapped by the state and separated from their families for months, or years.

And, very often, this happens to families from other countries who are in Norway for work-related reasons.

In fact, this state-sponsored abduction has even happened to U.S. families who were staying in Norway and had their children ripped from them.

Norwegian Child Protective Services swoop in, take the children away from unsuspecting parents, who often face bogus charges, often motivated by anti-Christian bias.

The parents must then fight the bogus charges and also fight to get their kids back.

This has been happening to U.S. citizens in Norway for more than a decade, and it continues unabated.

Please read some of their terrifying stories below.

But, first, please SIGN this petition which demands that the US government step in and put a stop to this “kidnapping” of children of U.S. families who are abroad in Norway. 

Natalya’s Story

Natalya is an American citizen. Her three kids were born and raised in the U.S.

When Natalya’s husband got a job in Norway and the family decided to move from Atlanta, Georgia to Norway, they never could have imagined their children would be kidnapped by the Norwegian government. 

Since the Norwegian government removed their three children in May, Natalya and her husband have been fighting false charges against them. They’ve been cleared of all changes, many times, but their children remain in foster care. Why?  

Because the Norwegian government thinks they “know better how to treat your kids,” according to Natalya. “We know better how to raise them and to erase all the Christian values.”  

Natalya and her husband have been forbidden from seeing their children since December. They weren’t even allowed to call their son on his birthday. All three siblings have been split up and have each lived in 4 different foster homes in 4 different cities since they were taken in May.  

Please SIGN this petition, today, and help get Natalya’s children back!

Tyler’s Story

Another mother whose 19-month-old American son, Tyler, was taken from her is also an American citizen. Tyler’s mother hasn’t seen her son in 6 years. She has missed his whole childhood.  

And yet, the U.S. embassy told Tyler’s mom to follow Norwegian law, effectively conveying to her: 'Good luck, not our problem.'  

How can this nightmare be real? How can this happen?

SIGN our petition, and help reunite Tyler with his mom.

Foreign governments should not so easily be able to take U.S. children away from their parents abroad. 

Norway has been found guilty 5 times of violating human rights by the European Court of Human Rights in cases of child removal. The European Court of Human Rights is the highest authority of its kind in Europe.

And, yet, Norway doesn’t listen.  

LifeSite Exclusive Interview with Natalya

In an exclusive interview on The Van Maren Show, Natalya shares that she feels child welfare services is telling her, “forget about your past. They don't belong to you anymore.”   

Hear directly from this heartbroken mother about her plight to get her kids back and how she now knows nothing about her kids or how they are doing, she doesn’t even know where they are.

Demand that the U.S. government step in and put a stop to this kidnapping of U.S. children abroad.

Demand that these U.S. children be returned to their parents.

This injustice must be stopped.

SIGN and SHARE the petition today!