PETITION: Ask Trump to investigate George Soros' role in funding domestic terrorism

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Please SIGN our petition which calls for an investigation to be launched into George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, and those who fund the wide network of radical organizations that are purposefully destabilizing our nation.

The radical left is now holding the rest of society hostage – violently rioting, attacking police, and scaring away law-abiding citizens from parts of their own cities.

They are, in fact, cynically using George Floyd’s killing as an excuse to destabilize society and push for a Marxist revolution.

But, using bully-boy tactics to silence the rest of society cannot be tolerated.

When law and order has been restored, the people responsible and their supporters should face legal scrutiny.

Fortunately, we know who one of their biggest supporters is: George Soros.

Read our in depth article to understand how George Soros has been instrumental in organizing the so-called ‘Resistance,’ which has systematically incited one crisis after another in order to take political and economic power away from President Trump and conservative Republicans.

And then, please SIGN our petition which calls for an investigation into George Soros' role in destabilizing our country by funding a web of dark money organizations.

WATCH, as LifeSite's Gualberto Garcia Jones makes a strong case for investigating how George Soros' 'dark money' is fueling the riots.

We need to find out exactly who is involved in Soros' dark money network, see exactly who has been influenced by it, and expose how they are promoting violence – all, so we can safeguard the nation from anti-democratic attacks on our values and freedoms.

This is not a secret conspiracy theory because the evidence of the evil designs come directly out of the mouths and the public actions of George Soros and his cronies.

Indeed, this is nothing new. People like Rosa Brooks, an Obama-era Defense Department counselor and law professor at Georgetown, wrote an article in 'Foreign Policy,' back in 2017, titled, '3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020,' and included impeachment and military coup as strategies.

And, now, an undercover exposé has shown an anti-Trump protest group admitting to receiving Soros funds.

Nevertheless, there is a real element of conspiracy in the fact that George Soros is a master of "dark money" in politics and "progressive" movements across the world.

President Trump and Attorney General William Barr recently announced that they will take the long overdue step of declaring ANTIFA to be a terrorist organization.

Now, please SIGN this petition asking them to investigate those who fund the wide network of radical organizations that are purposefully destabilizing our nation.

Just because Soros has a lot money should not exempt him from legal scrutiny.

It’s time the “dark money” web spun by his Open Society Foundation is fully investigated.

Thanks for SIGNING and SHARING, today.


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