PETITION: Notre Dame, don't honor pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden

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On March 5, Notre Dame University announced it would bestow its highest award, the Laetare Medal, on Vice President Joe Biden.

The Laetare Medal was established in 1883 as a counterpart to a papal honor predating the 11th century. It is awarded each year a to a Catholic “whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the Church and enriched the heritage of humanity.”

“Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal is presented annually to an American Catholic in recognition of outstanding service to the Church and society,” the University’s award info states. “It is considered the oldest and most prestigious award for American Catholics.”

The choice to honor Vice President Biden brought criticism from a wide range of Catholics because of Biden's longstanding support for abortion and homosexual “marriage” in conflict with the Church’s teaching.

Critics have included Notre Dame students, The Cardinal Newman Society, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, the Notre Dame alumni group Sycamore Trust, and the local ordinary, Fort Wayne-South Bend Bishop Kevin Rhoades.

Notre Dame University President, Holy Cross Father John Jenkins, issued a thinly veiled criticism of those who voiced opposition to the selection of Biden for a Catholic honor, stating, “People who disagree often will vilify, will attack, will demean the opposition.”

These people then can’t work with the opposition, Father Jenkins said, before charging such individuals with being fixed on an extreme position, stating, “So we come to this impasse of acrimony, of intransigence, and it doesn’t serve society.”

Father Jenkins and the Notre Dame Board of Trustees need to hear that not only is Vice President Biden not an example to be held up for Catholics, but people of faith are focused on upholding God’s law, which serves society best in its rejection of the Culture of Death and its recognition of marriage as created by God.

Washington politicians may wield power in the nation’s capitol and exact influence elsewhere, but Catholics and all people of faith aren’t swayed by worldly posturing.

And they want the honoring of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual “marriage” politicians to stop.


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