PETITION UPDATED: UK court stops forced abortion on disabled woman

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UPDATE: UK Court stops forced abortion on mentally disabled woman. 

Today, three appeal court judges overturned the decision by Mrs Justice Nathalie Lieven that doctors should perform an abortion on the woman against her will.  We are overjoyed that the UK appeals court has STOPPED the forced abortion on this young woman. 

You can read more about the updated ruling, here.

Please continue to keep this young woman and her child in your prayers.


In a horrific decision, a UK judge has ruled that a Catholic woman with a moderate mental disability can be forced to undergo an abortion against her wishes and that of her mother.

According to the Catholic News Agency (CNA), the woman, who is in her 20s, is around 22 weeks pregnant. 

According to CNA: "Doctors at the trust wished to abort her pregnancy and argued that, due to her diminished mental capacity, the abortion would be less traumatic for the woman than giving birth, especially if the baby would then be placed in foster care."

The woman's mother has said she is prepared to care for her daughter's baby. Reports CNA: "The woman is believed to have the mental capacity of a grade school-age child. She is reportedly Catholic, and her mother is Nigerian."

In her decision, Justice Nathalie Lieven admitted that ordering an abortion on a woman who "appears" not to want it is "an immense intrusion," but that she has to operate in "the best interests" of the young woman, and "not on society's views of termination."

In response, John Deighan of the UK's Society for the Protection of Unborn Children stated: “This is an outrage which should shock every right-thinking person. It is a level of cruelty and barbarity reminiscent of how people with mental health issues were treated in the 1930s of Nazi Germany. To force abortion on any person is abhorrent and to do so in the name of medicine and in the complete defiance of the religious and cultural values of the mother concerned calls into question the structures of law and justice in our society.”

Every right-thinking person, whether pro-life or not, must oppose this grotesque miscarriage of justice. Sign this petition demanding that Justice Nathalie Lieven reverse this horrific decision, or that Prime Minister Theresa May step in and do whatever necessary to stop this abortion from taking place.