PETITION: Support pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts

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UPDATE (11/15/19): Jury rules against Daleiden and other pro-lifers in criminal trial. Prayers and support now needed more than ever, as civil trial must still be decided.

The jury of nine men and one woman released its verdict Friday afternoon after deliberating less than two days, even though the landmark civil trial took six weeks.

The total amount awarded to Planned Parenthood is over $2 million, according to the Thomas More Society, which includes punitive and compensatory damages as well as attorneys' fees.

Offer your moral support and prayers for the heroic actions of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt in exposing Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts!

Pro-life defense lawyers have already stated they will appeal, telling reporters outside the courtroom the "process was unfair."

“This lawsuit is payback for David Daleiden exposing Planned Parenthood’s dirty business of buying and selling fetal parts and organs,” declared lead Thomas More Society defense attorney Peter Breen. “We intend to seek vindication for David on appeal. His investigation into criminal activity by America’s largest abortion provider utilized standard investigative journalism techniques, those applied regularly by news outlets across the country.”

“David’s findings revealed practices so abhorrent that the United States Congress issued criminal referrals for Planned Parenthood, and numerous states and elected officials have moved to strip it of funding,” continued Breen. “Rather than face up to its heinous doings, Planned Parenthood chose to persecute the person who exposed it. I am fully confident that when this case has run its course, justice will prevail, and David will be vindicated.”

Daleiden called the verdict a "dangerous attack" on first amendment rights.

He stated: "Justice was not done today in San Francisco. Top @PPFA witnesses swore the videos are true #PPSellsBabyParts but PP-founder Judge Orrick spent 6 weeks influencing jury with arbitrary rulings and suppressed key evidence. Dangerous attack on #1A as CA bans speaking truth to power!"

Daleiden and fellow-pro-lifer, Sandra Merritt, are still facing 14 felony counts of illegal taping under California’s anti-eavesdropping law. Judge Christopher Hite of the San Francisco Superior Court is expected to rule soon if there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.______________________________________________________________________________

Original Petition (9/9/19):

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are in preliminary hearings to determine if they can be charged with 15 felony counts for their investigative work exposing Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts.

Of course, it is Planned Parenthood who should be on trial, but these pro-life heroes are being attacked for doing what is right. And, right now, they need your prayerful and moral support!

That's why we're gathering signatures in this PETITION - to let them know that we are grateful for their crucial pro-life work, and the sacrifices they have made! Please SIGN now.

WATCH courageous Sandra Merritt, in this exclusive LifeSite video, as she tells the world that she believes the truth will prevail:

Unbelievably, the State of California is charging Daleiden and Merritt for their work exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of baby body parts.

And, these preliminary hearings will determine if there is enough evidence to support the charges. If Daleiden and Merritt are found guilty, they could each spend 10 years in jail!

WATCH this exclusive video of Daleiden and Merritt's tenacious attorneys, who are confident that a jury will not be able to convict once all of the evidence is presented:

Now, let’s show our support for these pro-life heroes and the sacrifices they have made!

It isn’t easy to go undercover and capture the horrific videos that these heroes captured -- against one of the most wealthy and powerful organizations in the United States.

But, even worse, they are now being prosecuted for their acts of heroism!

The courts have leveled a $194,000 fine against Daleiden after the pro-life journalist’s legal team purportedly violated a gag order a judge had placed on Daleiden’s videos.

And, Daleiden and Merritt have spent the last four years in and out of court defending themselves.


Many high-ranking Planned Parenthood employees and other powerful abortion industry players were exposed thanks to the great work of Daleiden and Merritt.

Just a few days ago, the CEO of StemExpress, a company that provides researchers with cryogenically persevered human cells, had to admit, in open court, to selling beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

Thanks to the work of Daleiden and Merritt, Planned Parenthood’s true colors are being exposed and people are standing up

Also, importantly, the federal government has slashed federal funding of Planned Parenthood in recent years.

And many peoples' eyes have been opened to the reality of the abortion industry and the odious things Planned Parenthood do.

WATCH LifeSite's own reporter, Lianne Laurence, who has been in San Francisco covering the courtroom proceedings, as she gives a first-hand account of what's happened over the last week...and, what's to come this week:

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt deserve our deepest gratitude and praise, not prosecution!

Show your support for them by SIGNING and SHARING the petition, TODAY!

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