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PETITION: Twitter suspends pro-life movie 'Unplanned' on opening weekend, resets followers

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The pro-life movie Unplanned is set to massively shake-up the abortion debate in the United States. Yet, on the movie's opening weekend, Twitter first suspended (and then restored) the official Twitter account for the movie, and then - after the controversy led to a huge increase in followers on the 'Unplanned' Twitter page - RESET their number of followers. 

On Sunday night, the Unplanned account had over 200,000 followers. Then, without warning, the number of followers plummeted to under 10,000. Furthermore pro-life fans of the movie were stunned when they found that every time they tried to follow Unplanned, Twitter automatically caused them to unfollow the movie!

Even Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director whose life the movie is about, Tweeted on Monday morning that Twitter won't let her follow her own movie!

Well-known pro-life actress Patricia Heaton also Tweeted to Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter: "Hey @jack - why aren’t you letting me follow @UnplannedMovie ? I’ve tried eight times to support my friend @AbbyJohnson and @Twitter won’t let me. Others are having the same issue. Please correct this. Thank you."

According to Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher, Twitter is in the process of restoring Unplanned's Twitter followers. But this should never have happened in the first place!

On the morning of Monday April 1, the Unplanned account Tweeted: "If #abortion and Planned Parenthood are good for women, why is @Twitter censoring #whatabbysaw?" Unfortunately, Twitter's censorship of Unplanned is no April Fool's joke.

Unplanned shocked movie industry experts when it opened as the fourth top-grossing opening movie this past weekend. The movie brought in over $6 million in revenue. How is it possible that the official Twitter account of one of the top movies in the U.S. right now, has suffered these 'glitches' that no other movie's Twitter account is experiencing?

Meanwhile, the Unplanned Twitter account is now pointing out that it appears to be 'trending,' yet somehow without showing up on Twitter's trending bar.

Twitter has a proven habit of banning and censoring conservative organizations. This is just the latest and most egregious example. We need to send a LOUD AND CLEAR message to Twitter and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey that this kind of censorship is completely unacceptable. Please, sign this petition and then share it far and wide!


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