PRAYER PLEDGE: Rally around the Cross to end the coronavirus pandemic

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The whole world - including the Church - has been thrown into chaos because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thousands of people have passed away as a result of the viral outbreak, while thousands more have been sickened.

And, across the world, business has come to a grinding halt, resulting in sudden job loss and threatening economic recession.

If there ever was a time for prayer, this is it. But, in many places, churches are being shuttered, with Masses and church services suspended.

We must, therefore, now unite in prayer, and ask Jesus, as the Divine Healer, to intervene: to comfort those in mourning; to heal those afflicted by the illness; and, to help those affected by the economic crisis.

Please pledge to pray the prayer below, every day, during the crisis.

And, in addition to saying this short prayer, you might also like to connect with like-minded people during the crisis, on LifeSite Connect, our new social networking app.

For the duration of the crisis, starting tomorrow, LifeSite Connect will live stream two DAILY prayer calls

  • At 12pm EDT, the Holy Rosary will be led by an American priest, who is currently in Italy.
  • Starting on Monday, at 5pm EDT, pastors of various denominations will offer intercessory prayer.

To join the livestream you will need to download the LifeSite Connect App onto your phone:

Once you have downloaded the app, go ahead and open it, register, and then go to the main navigation menu and click on Livestream.  At 12pm/5pm EDT, we will begin our prayers, and deal a deathblow to the darkness enveloping our world.

So, please SIGN our prayer pledge which asks Almighty God to intervene, to comfort the afflicted and prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

We know that community with other believers is vital all the time, but especially during this time of global calls for sheltering-in-place and quarantine.

By joining LifeSite Connect, not only will you be able to easily access the livestream, you’ll be able to communicate with like-minded individuals all over the world.

Thank you and may the Lord look kindly on our prayers and sacrifices, and may He come quickly to end the suffering.

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