PETITION: Protect children from polygamy on HGTV's 'House Hunters'

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In a disgusting disregard for child welfare, Discovery's HGTV 'House Hunters' series just promoted polyamory, or, to be more specific, polygamy, on its latest episode.

Two women - Lori and Geli - and one man, Brian, were featured on the popular house hunting program as being in a 'polyamorous relationship.' 

'Polyamory' is defined as the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all (adults) involved.

Though, any children involved really don't have a choice, do they?

Please SIGN this petition, now, and call on HGTV, and its parent company, Discovery, to stop promoting polyamory and polygamy, and start promoting child welfare.

During the episode, HGTV was deliberately very detailed when they revealed that Brian and Lori had exchanged vows with Geli at a so-called 'commitment ceremony,' with their (Brian and Lori's) children in attendance.

As if to suggest that minors can consent to something which they don't understand...which, they cannot.

HGTV, and its parent company, Discovery, should be ashamed of themselves for promoting the destruction of the Mom-Dad-and-kids family, on a house hunting show!

By doing so, HGTV is playing into the hand of the LGBT "anything goes" agenda, whose real goal is to destroy man-woman marriage, and to soften the ground for any type of relationship being accepted as "marriage."

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition, which asks Discovery to better oversee HGTV's content in future episodes of 'House Hunters'.

While it may sell advertising space in the short term, Discovery and HGTV will discover that forcing sexual deviancy - which common sense tells us cannot be good for children - down our throats will actually lose viewership in the long run.

Thank you for SIGNING, today!

After you have signed, please take the time to politely call the Discovery Network at 1-240-662-0000, to voice your objection to HGTV's blatant disregard for child welfare. Thank you!