VICTORY: Restore Catholic Mass for our Sailors

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**In the above photo: Lt. Matthew Benjamin, a chaplain assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, ministers to Sailors during a Catholic Mass.**

VICTORY - After a huge public uproar, including this LifeSite petition, the Navy has reversed course and will continue to fund on-base Catholic Masses in its Southwest Region.

Please READ the full story by clicking on LifeSite's report:

This means that the service's single-largest denomination will continue to be ministered to without having to leave base.

Just after the reversal was announced by Rear Adm. Bette Bolivar, the commander of Navy Region Southwest, President Trump tweeted the following:

Thank you for signing this petition which led to real and substantial change.

Starting September 30th, all on-base Catholic Masses are to be cancelled at San Diego Navy installations. However, other religious services are set to continue as normal.

The Navy says the main reason for the impending cancellations is related to cost. But, this is a ridiculous assertion.

This kind of blatant discrimination must not be permitted and this policy must be reversed.

Please SIGN this urgent petition which calls on the Commander of Navy Installations and the U.S. President (as Commander in Chief) to see that on-base Catholic Masses in the Navy's Southwest Region will continue.

The Pentagon spends $50 Billion every year on healthcare alone. And, while healthcare is important, the spiritual wellbeing of all men and women in uniform is essential.

Going to Mass on Sunday is not just a optional thing for Catholics, it is an obligation. The Navy, therefore, has an obligation to its Catholic sailors, to facilitate attendance at Mass, especially as many sailors may not be able to travel off-base.

Indeed, funding from other areas should be made available to make up the shortfall which has led to this situation, and, or, other arrangements must be made.

For example, retired priests from local dioceses or from local religious orders could be asked to help supplement the work of Catholic Navy chaplains.

Please SIGN now and let the Navy (and, the President) know that this kind of discriminatory policy must be reversed. Tell them that Catholic Masses for our sailors must continue!


'Navy alters course after outcry, says Catholic Masses will continue on bases' -

'Navy bans sailors from attending Mass, defying President Trump’s orders' -

'Navy cancels Catholic Masses at San Diego-area bases while other religious services continue' -

**Photo Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Drace Wilson. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.


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