PETITION: Say No to UK Judge's Forced Abortion Ruling

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Just last Friday, Justice David Basil Williams of the UK's Court of Protection ordered that an abortion be carried out on a woman who is intellectually disabled.

It is not clear how the woman in her 20's became pregnant, but what is clear is that there is an innocent unborn baby who will be killed if immediate action is not taken to stop this forced abortion.

This petition, directed to the UK's Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland, and the Lord Chief Justice, The Right Honourable The Lord Burnett of Maldon, and asks that they step in to do what they can to appeal this barbaric order.

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Yes, this kind of policy - in favour of forced abortion - is absolutely barbaric.

In many ways, it is akin to China's forced abortions which forms the blood-red bedrock of their failed family-planning policy.

The state should never be in the business of forcing abortions - especially, not Britain, the cradle of parliamentary democracy.

Not only is this a state-sanctioned murder against of one of its own people, it is also the gross violation of the mother's "bodily autonomy" is any abortion towards the bodily autonomy of the unborn child.

Not only that, but none of the reports suggest that the woman in question actually desires or consents to the abortion.

It is true that her foster family and medical caregivers are in favour of the forced abortion, but, again, no reports state that the woman has given any consent.

Indeed, the good Justice David Basil Williams has authorized the use of restraint and general anesthetic, should they be required, to perform this abortion.

That kind of proviso does not indicate consent.

But, we are not talking about some abstract ideas, here. And, it is not simply about what the young woman consents to, or not.

If the Home Secretary, Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice do not intervene, the real human life of the unborn child will be deliberately killed.

And, it is that human being's life which must be protected by the Home Secretary, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice from such a barbaric (permanent) outcome.

Why not offer to support the young woman through her pregnancy with a view to giving the child up for adoption? Why not ask if there are any couples willing to adopt the young woman's baby?

Surely, adoption is an option which both the young woman and her unborn child can live with.

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