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PETITION: Send a message of hope to pro-lifer Mary Wagner jailed in BC

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Canadian pro-life activist and true humanitarian, Mary Wagner, was jailed during Holy Week for her participation in an attempted "rescue" of abortion-minded women and their unborn babies in Vancouver, BC.

Wagner will be in jail at least until May 1st when she has her first court appearance, and so, we're asking you to sign this petition as a show of support for Mary. These messages of support will be transmitted to Mary, personally.

And, at the same time, and since we are still in Easter Week, we also ask you to combine this show of solidarity with your prayers to end abortion in Canada and throughout the world.

Wagner was arrested on Tuesday of last week after she and a fellow "rescuer" entered an abortion center in Vancouver.

They carried red and white roses. Attached to each rose was a Miraculous Medal and a pro-life message for mothers who were there to abort their babies. They attempted to talk to people in the waiting room and offer alternatives to abortion.

The police were called by the staff working in the abortion center, and, after a short conversation, Mary was carried from the building to a waiting police vehicle.

Wagner has been charged under the Canadian Criminal Code with “mischief, obstructing the lawful use of property,” as documented online at

As is her practice, Wagner refused bail conditions requiring her to stay away from abortion centers. She will, therefore, remain in jail at least until her first court appearance, scheduled for May 1.

A native of British Columbia, Wagner has spent five years in jail so far, much of that in Toronto, for her peaceful attempts to save women and children from the violence of abortion.

Through her activism, Mary continues to draw worldwide attention to the destruction which abortion causes to women, society and the unborn child.

Explaining her actions this past week, Wagner wrote the follow (which is part of a longer letter):

"Our Lord calls us to recognize his face in the face of our brother, our sister, especially those who are most forgotten. Every woman who enters a facility with the purpose of ending her pregnancy by aborting her baby is Jesus, - in the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, - in his “distressing disguise". The child within her womb, whom we cannot see, is Jesus; he is begging for even one person to show him compassion and consolation…"

Please now SIGN this petition and wish Mary well, and, at the same time, pray to end abortion. Thank you!



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