SIGN THE PETITION: Canadian film distributors should release pro-life 'Unplanned' film

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Film distributors such as Cineplex and Mongrel are refusing to let Canadians make up their own minds about the movie 'Unplanned.' In fact, the film’s producers learned that Mongrel refuses to feature the film because of its “content” even though it shows nothing objectionable except the truth about ending the lives of pre-born children.

Free speech is guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but corporations are taking on the role of censors so that the public won’t know how the abortion industry profits from women’s pain and babies’ deaths.

The big distributors have monopolistic power over films in Canada. Without distributors, according to Canadian law, films cannot be released in cinemas.

Abby Johnson, whose activism in the abortion industry and dramatic conversion to faith and the pro-life cause are depicted in Unplanned, has said: “I have to wonder what are they afraid of?”

Johnson added: “I’m also deeply concerned that many people here have not been able to speak publicly, because they are concerned about punishment. That is not democracy; that is oppression.”

Pro-life advocates are asking why the pro-life message is being squelched by big business in Canada.

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