SIGN THE PETITION: Minister Freeland, you must prevent another Holodomor

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Every year on the fourth Sunday in November, Canada holds “Ukrainian Famine and Genocide Memorial Day.”

The day marks the horrific event known as the Holodomor that took place from 1932 until 1933.

The Holodomor, a word that means to kill or torture by hunger, was a systematic effort carried out by the Soviet Union against the Ukrainian people to starve them to death by way of collectivizing their farmland. 

As a result of this barbarous policy, millions of Ukrainians died.

During the 1930s, communist organizations in Canada’s Ukrainian community received grants from the Soviet Union in exchange for denying that the mass scale deaths of innocent people by famine was taking place.

In essence, language and law were manipulated in such a way as to de-humanize and ultimately justify the killing of Ukrainian farmers. 

Today, thanks to the pro-abortion attestation required by the totalitarian Trudeau regime’s summer jobs program, another type of Holodomor is taking place.

Right now, Canadian organizations claiming to be anti-communist are, in exchange for agreeing to the summer jobs program’s attestation, receiving millions in grant money.

These shameful organizations are doing exactly what the pro-communist groups did in the 1930s! 

Instead of standing up for innocent children, these groups are complicit in their murder by allowing law and language to be manipulated in such a way as to de-humanize and justify their killing. 

This is totally indefensible, especially for those groups who claim to be pro-Ukrainian.

In his criticism of the Summer Grants Program, Bishop Stephen Chmiliar, Ukrainian Catholic Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada, stated that opposition to the attestation means standing up “against any systemic discrimination by the government in a democratic society.”

The only conclusion to be made is that abortion in Canada is the new Holodomor.



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