VICTORY: Stop Physician Assisted Suicide in Maryland

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UPDATE (3/27/19): VICTORY! On March 27th, the MD State Senate voted against the so-called “End-of-Life Option Act”, ensuring that the poor, disabled and vulnerable of Maryland will not be pressured to take their own lives.

In a move that has NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS, the Maryland State House of Delegates has voted to approve a measure that would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide (or, PAS for short). On March 7, the delegates disgracefully voted 74-66 for the so-called “End-of-Life Option Act”, HB399.

If passed by the Maryland State Senate and approved by the Governor, physicians would legally be permitted to prescribe a lethal dose of a drug which would kill a patient who has been given a six-months-or-less terminal diagnosis.

AND, right now, an identical bill is being considered by the Maryland State Senate (in committee), SB311.

But, if the bill is ultimately passed by both Democrat-controlled chambers, the Governor of Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan, could still veto the bill.

So, there is still time to contact all Maryland State Senators and Maryland’s Republican Governor, Larry Hogan!


A local Maryland group called ‘Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide’ have been fighting to keep PAS out of Maryland for several years, and they have an excellent website (see the link, below) outlining the many disturbing aspects of this bill.

Here, we quote just the main headings (please see the website for more information):

  • No doctor, nurse, family member or independent witness is required to be present when the lethal dose is taken.
  • Patients will pick up their lethal prescriptions at their local pharmacies.
  • There is no requirement that patients receive a psychological evaluation before doctors can authorize physician-assisted suicide. A screening from a doctor untrained in mental health is not sufficient.
  • Accurately predicting a six-month terminal diagnosis is next to impossible – even doctors admit that it is simply an educated guess.
  • Suicide contagion is a real problem that proponents refuse to answer for.
  • PAS is seen as a cost savings measure for insurance companies, including state Medicaid programs.
  • Pain is not even in the top 5 reasons why patients wanted physician-assisted suicide (it’s 6th).
  • Maryland residents already have excellent, non-destructive, end-of-life care options - including excellent palliative care.

Of course, we know that PAS is always and absolutely wrong and immoral because it involves killing an innocent human being, but these above points emphasize just how evil and irresponsible the proposal actually is.

And, it’s not just ‘religious’ people who are against this proposal.

At least 21 national organizations, including the American Medical Association, the National Council on Disability and the American Psychiatric Association, have released statements against PAS.

And, crucially, 13 Maryland-based organizations, including the Baltimore City Medical Society, the Maryland Psychiatric Society, the American College of Physicians (MD Branch), The ARC Maryland, and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network have all come out against PAS.

Of course, the Maryland Catholic conference and other Christian communities are also opposed to PAS. Some Jewish and Muslim communities have also signalled their opposition to PAS.

The Archbishop of Baltimore (MD), William Lori, spoke recently of PAS, stating: “In the state that pioneered the legal recognition of the God-given right of religious freedom [i.e., the state of Maryland], you and I have the right -- and we have the duty -– not only to bring the truths and values made true by faith into the public forum, but also to shape a society where God's gift of life is respected from the moment of conception until natural death.”

Now, as Maryland State Senators are still discussing this terrible bill, we have a duty to act - to contact them and politely, but firmly, tell them: “Say NO to SB311. Marylanders can live without it!”

And, make no mistake: This bill has national implications and is one reason why national PAS organizations have been scheming to pass this legislation for many years in Maryland.

Thank you for SIGNING the URGENT and IMPORTANT petition, and thank you for SHARING with your like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.


Maryland Against PAS Website - https://stopassistedsuicidemd....

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