PETITION: Stop 'sex change' operations during coronavirus crisis

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During the coronavirus crisis, government has called for a moratorium on non-essential medical procedures, to conserve precious resources and treat patients whose lives are endangered by the pandemic.

What is euphemistically called “gender-reassignment surgery” is clearly such a non-essential procedure.

Please sign this urgent joint petition, to state governors, asking them to stop "sex-change" operations, and designate them as "non-essential", at least for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

LifeSite and the Ruth Institute are combining forces on this petition to help save lives by preserving doctors' time and scare medical resources, to be used for victims of COVID-19.

Elective surgeries, such as "sex-change" surgery, should be stopped for the duration of the crisis.

Removing healthy body parts may change the patient’s appearance, but not his or her sex.

After the operation, they have the same genetic makeup that they had before it. Many who’ve undergone the procedure have later come to regret it and have reverted to their true biologic identity.

Trans advocates argue that “sex-change” operations are both essential and “time sensitive” – that some awaiting the procedure will commit suicide if they have to wait.

This claim is highly debatable. A 2011 Swedish study of all their sex-reassignment surgery patients over 30 years, the best and most thorough of its kind, showed that by ten years time they suffered a rate of completed suicide 19 times that of the general population.1

The suicide reduction claim of “gender-reassignment surgery” is a myth.

The pause will also give the gender-confused time to re-think submitting themselves to what amounts to mutilation and to seek compassionate counseling to help them be at peace with their bodies.

This may require revising some states’ broadly worded bans on so-called conversion therapy.

This joint LifeSite - Ruth Institute petition calls on governors to require clinics to halt such procedures for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.

Thank you for signing, today!


1 Dhejne C, et al, “Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden,”, Feb. 22, 2011.


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