PETITION: Support Archbishop Naumann's defense of the Catholic faith

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LifeSite is co-sponsoring this petition with concerned faithful from the Archdiocese of Kansas City (KS) - who, themselves, authored the original text.

A parish school in Kansas is under fire after declining to enroll a child being raised by a same-sex couple in its kindergarten program.

After the pastor of St. Ann Catholic School in Prairie Village, Kansas, Fr. Craig Maxim, sent a letter explaining their decision - based on Catholic teaching - to parents, faculty and staff, a petition AGAINST the decision was started.

OUR PETITION, however, SUPPORTS the school's decision AND the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS and Archbishop Naumann who, in making this difficult decision, have had the integrity to safeguard the innocence of the school's other children...and, the Church's teaching on marriage.

That other petition, asking the Archdiocese and school to reconsider their decision, has attracted national attention and more than 1,000 signatures.

Now, we, faithful Catholics, who appreciate and love the good shepherds among us, have to step up and show our support!

Archbishop Naumann and the Archdiocese of Kansas City (KS) need YOUR support!

And, time is of the essence because we know the intensity of the battle that has been waged against our faithful shepherds, like Archbishop Naumann.

No matter where you are from, send Archbishop Naumann a message of prayerful support in his stand for Catholic teachings, TODAY!

And, when you have SIGNED this petition, then please SHARE it with your like-minded friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you!


The parish letter stated the following: 

"The Archdiocese states that since same-sex unions are not in conformance with the Church’s teaching on sacramental marriage and these unions have no current ability to bring their relationship into conformity, the parents cannot model behaviors and attitudes consistent with the Church’s teachings.”

“This creates a conflict for those children and what is experienced at home. It also could become a source of confusion for other school children.”

And, the Archdiocese, itself, followed-up the initial letter, by issuing the following statement:

“Our schools exist to pass on the Catholic faith. Incorporated into our academic instruction and spiritual formation, at every grade level, are the teachings of the Catholic Church. It is important for children to experience consistency between what they are taught in school and what they see lived at home. Therefore we ask that parents understand and be willing to support those teachings in their homes.

"Matrimony is held up by the Catholic Church as a sacrament entered into between a man and a woman. Marriage is considered the building block of the family, of society, and the heart of the Church.

"The Church’s teaching on marriage is clear and is not altered by the laws of civil society.  The decision of the Supreme Court to grant marital status to same-sex couples does not change Church teaching on marriage...

"We do not feel it is respectful of [individuals who disagree with Church teaching], nor is it fair, loving or compassionate to place their children in an educational environment where the values of the parents and the core principles of the school are in conflict."