PETITION: Support Cardinal who is condemning Amazon synod working doc as ‘apostasy’

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Cardinal Walter Brandmüller has condemned the working document (Instrumentum Laboris) of the Amazon Synod as apostasy, i.e., total repudiation of the Christian faith.

Please SIGN this petition now, as a demonstration of support both for Cardinal Brandmüller and for the stand he is taking against heresy and apostasy at the highest levels of the Church.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2089) defines "heresy" as: "The obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same."

And, the same paragraph (2089) goes on to define "apostasy" as: "The total repudiation of the Christian faith."

"Heresy" and "Apostasy" are two words which should never be used to describe any document which is used to guide the work of a Synod of Bishops!

And yet, Cardinal Brandmüller has condemned the working document of the Amazon Synod as both heresy and apostasy.

Indeed, his stinging rebuke declared that this working document must be rejected!

"The Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod constitutes an attack on the foundations of the Faith, and in a way that has not heretofore been thought possible. Thus it must be rejected with all decisiveness."

In just under four pages (please click on the link below to read the statement in full), Cardinal Brandmüller critiques the faulty theology and philosophy which is at the heart of this working document.

Specifically, the Cardinal takes issue with the working document’s "very positive assessment of natural religions, to include indigenous healing practices and the like, yes, even mythical-religious practices and forms of cults," adding that the very "notion of inculturation is here virtually being perverted."

Cardinal Brandmüller then goes on to criticize the working document for pushing the "abolishment of celibacy" and introducing a path to "female priesthood":

"It is impossible to conceal that the ‘synod’ is especially to help implement two most cherished projects that heretofore have never been implemented: namely, the abolishment of celibacy and the introduction of a female priesthood – starting first with female deacons. In any event, it is about ‘accepting the role, the leadership of the woman inside the Church’ (129a3). In a similar manner, there now ‘open up new spaces for the creation of new ministries, as this historic moment calls for it. It is time to listen to the voice of the Amazon region…’ (no. 43)"

At the same time, the Cardinal reminds the world (and, the authors of the working document) how Pope John Paul II had already "stated with highest magisterial authority that it is not in the power of the Church to administer the Sacrament of Holy Orders to women."

For all of these major affronts to the faith, Cardinal Brandmüller concludes his criticism by declaring:

"It is to be stated now with insistence that the Instrumentum Laboris contradicts the binding teaching of the Church in decisive points and thus has to be qualified as heretical."

"Inasmuch as even the fact of Divine Revelation is here being questioned, or misunderstood, one also now has to speak, additionally, of apostasy."

Regrettably, now that the Synod has begun, we have already seen glimpses of apostasy and heresy:

Indeed, the Amazon Synod is proving to be as bad, or worse, than the noble Cardinal warned.

Before the Synod, many were warning that nefarious forces might try to use the Synod to create a "false Church."

Now that it seems to be happening, people need to pray for the Pope and for the Church, yes, of course.

But, people also need to be warned about what is happening, in case the unthinkable happens.

Will you inform your concerned friends, family and colleagues about what is now going on at the Synod? We need to raise the alarm. the same time, there are still strong Princes of the Church who have been fighting heroically for the Truth, and for Christ and his Church.

AND, crucially, the Pope has remained silent on the doctrinal issues at stake.

In defense of the faith and in defense of the noble Cardinal, who is valiantly fighting for the faithful and on behalf of the Divine Redeemer, Himself, we now call on you to SIGN this petition.

Please SIGN this petition if you reject heresy and apostasy! Thank you! 


Cardinal Brandmüller's critique of the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) for the forthcoming Synod of Bishops (Amazon Synod)  -