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PETITION: Support Alaska's Governor for cutting funding of pro-abortion state Supreme Court

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It isn't perfect by a long stretch, but it is a step in the right direction!

Alaska's Republican Governor, Mike Dunleavy, has vetoed $334,700 from the budget of the Alaska Supreme Court over their judicial activism on abortion.

This petition supports the governor in his efforts to eliminate judicial activism on abortion, and is a welcome and innovative use of his executive powers. We are CC'ing every state governor so that they might study and imitate Governor Dunleavy's actions.

For at least two decades, different Alaska legislatures and governors have been trying to eliminate state funding for elective abortions.

And, each time the legislatures and governors have tried, they have been blocked by judicial activists on the state's Supreme Court.

The Alaska Supreme Court consistently argues for the pro-abortion interpretation of the Constitution, thereby forcing the state to pay for abortions, while the legislators and governors contend that the Supreme Court's decisions are based on politics rather than the law, itself.

But, at long last, it seems that this governor has had enough of the judicial activism! And, he is to be congratulated for it.

In Alaska, the battle over elective abortion has been going on since at least 1998, when Alaska's legislature passed a law to bring their state's abortion funding policy in line with the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the federal government for paying for most abortions.

But, in 2001, the state's Supreme Court ruled against that law, interpreting the state constitution's equal protection guarantee to mean that the state must equally provide "uniform...medical care" to those women who have abortions and those who don't have abortions.

Conservatives claim that this is deeply-flawed and politically-motivated interpretation for several reasons, chief among them being that procedures like abortion should never qualify as "medical care," thus obviating the state's duty to pay for them.

Of course, one abortion is one too many. And, while we work to achieve an abortion-free USA, we must congratulate politicians, like Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who are taking steps in the right direction.

We must also encourage OTHER politicians to take bold steps against a judiciary which has consistently overstepped the boundaries of their powers, as one branch of government.

Please SIGN this petition and support Gov Mike Dunleavy for his courageous and innovative use of executive power, calling to the judiciary to properly perform their role and ensure that the laws are faithfully executed, rather that erroneously interpreted.

Thank you!



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