Urge Taylor Swift to stop promoting witchcraft amid exorcist's warning

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Taylor Swift is among the most influential artists of our age, but now an exorcist is warning that she may be exposing herself and other souls to demons during her latest concert tour. 

SIGN: Urge Taylor Swift to reject witchcraft and instead turn to Christ. 

Talking to ChurchPop about what closely resembles witchcraft during Swift's concert, exorcist priest Fr. Dan Reehil said: "The problem with the concert is that whether Taylor knew she was trying to imitate witches or in fact was doing some kind of a cult ceremony during the show is sort of irrelevant to the demons."

"She is an incredibly talented and influential artist. And so the demons will take deep note of what she's doing and how she's doing it and who she's influencing. So when they imitate these rituals with these orbs and these black capes, that looks like something you'd find in the woods.

"Even if her intent was not to practice any witchcraft or do any of the incantations, she is probably attracting a lot of demons to her concerts.

"That's where the problem can lie because then you have these little girls who you know literally sort of worship her who are now putting themselves in a position where they could be attacked by demonic forces.

"So not saying that's going to happen to everybody, but you're definitely putting yourself in a very dangerous situation if you're going to a concert where there's somebody who's imitating or even practicing the art of witchcraft. I would say don't do it. Skip the concert."

SIGN: Urge Taylor Swift to reject witchcraft and instead turn to Christ. 

The star singer last month told her 94 million Twitter followers that her audience was, among other things, 'casting spells' during the 'Eras Tour', in yet another indication of a demonic influence at work.

Swift herself was recently welcomed to Brazil in a sacriligeous way when the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was profaned, but we hope everyone who sincerely cares for her soul will pray for her conversion and call her to repent from any evil she is involved in.

Her hundreds of millions of fans must also be made aware of the spiritual dangers they face as a result of these performances, so please make sure to share the petition far and wide after you sign it. 


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Image: Taylor Swift performs "Willow" in Arlington, Texas for "The Eras Tour" / Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USACC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons