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PETITION: Tell Amazon not to ban books dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction

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LifeSiteNews, Joel 2:25 International and the Reintegrative Therapy Association are partnering on a petition which asks Amazon to stop censoring books which represent alternative views on homosexuality - including, books which help those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Last week, Amazon knuckled under pressure from LGBT activists and abruptly removed several books which represented alternative views on homosexuality.

Included in Amazon's banned books list were a variety of personal testimonies (autobiographies), religious texts, Reparative Therapy, psychological research, and addiction recovery resources.

Those who have left homosexuality and now live chaste single lives or who have gone on to marry and form a family with a member of the opposite sex see a different motive behind Amazon’s action.

It is an attempt to silence all the voices of those who have found new life and freedom not through “conversion therapy,” but through conversion to Jesus Christ, a distinction that seems lost on LGBT activists.

This is tantamount to religious discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Among the banned books are several by Catholic psychologists Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, as well as autobiographies of individuals who left active homosexuality.

It took a lot to get the now-banned books into Amazon, Kindle, and Audible in the first place.

"The problem is that we can’t just go to another platform or create our own,” said Jeremy Schwab, a former homosexual and founder of Joel 2:25, a ministry whose mission is to help men and women who experience same-sex attraction, encouraging relational healing, sexual sobriety, and spiritual growth.  

“Every time we create our own app, the gay activists force Apple, Google, etc. to remove us,” Schwab said. “They are trying to cut us off on every side and they have never even read our material. They have no idea what they are even opposing.”

“These books have been life-saving instruments to some who have been struggling to find hope,” ex-gay Ethan Martin told LifeSiteNews. “They have been a beacon of light to those of us who hold to traditional Biblical views of sexuality.”

“And in so taking these resources away, (Amazon) has not only become hypocritical to its own values, they have attempted to silence a smaller minority of the population that is represented by those of us who have left the LGBTQ lifestyle.”

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, which asks that Amazon reverse its decision to ban books that aim to help those with unwanted same-sex attraction. Thank you!



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