PETITION: Tell Rights Tribunal to THROW OUT cases of trans ‘woman’ demanding females wax his genitals

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LGBT activist Jonathan Yaniv, a biological male who claims to be a 'woman,' has filed 16 cases with the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia (Canada) against beauticians in the province for refusing to wax the pubic hair around his genitals.

Some of these beauticians have been forced to close their businesses because of Mr. Yaniv's complaints against them.

But, so far, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal (HRT) is actually still entertaining this individual's twisted suits, which, of course, brings the court's purpose (defending genuine human rights) and discretion into disrepute.

How can the public trust such a court?

And, for your information, Yaniv is the same individual who is currently asking permission of his local town council to host “topless” LGBT swim parties for “people aged 12+” at the municipality’s public swimming pools, where parents would be "prohibited" from attending. 

This URGENT petition is, therefore, being sent to the BC Human Rights Tribunal asking them that they THROW OUT these frivolous cases which make a mockery of justice.

At any other time in history, Mr. Yaniv would never have gotten past the front door. But, now, his fantasy is not only being indulged, but forced on others - to the extent that some have lost their livelihood over it.

And, this situation has sparked international controversy and outrage because many people see it as the breaking point, even for many supporters of the LGBT agenda.


Because they now acknowledge that they have created a insatiable monster which knows no limits to its violations of common decency.

And, because, for all of their moralizing, they also realize that this is the logical end of the ideology which supports transgenderism, the LGBT agenda, and, more broadly, feminism. And the end product? Transgenderism leads to the horror of trans ‘women’ demanding that females wax their genitals.

For the diehard ideologues, if a few people lose their jobs because they refuse to go along with this false narrative, then so be it.

But, for everyone else: we have now had enough! Order must be restored!

Please SIGN this petition, directed to the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia, asking them to dismiss all of the cases brought by Mr. Yaniv.

In doing so, the Tribunal might be able to restore some of their credibility, which has been so badly damaged by their appalling lack of common sense.

Thank you!