PETITION: Tell Trump we can’t accept SCOTUS ruling imposing LGBT ideology

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The latest Supreme Court decision, written by Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, is an unmitigated disaster for Christians and freedom loving people on the issue of sex and gender.

Gorsuch asserts that the 1964 Civil Rights Act's legal prohibition of discrimination on the basis of "sex" (commonly understood as being male or female), now equally applies to homosexuality and even transgenderism.

It doesn't take a legal whiz to figure out that this ruling spells: P-E-R-S-E-C-U-T-I-O-N!   

Persecution for people of faith, whose sincerely held beliefs and understanding of biblical teachings forbid them from endorsing, teaching, promoting, or engaging in homosexuality or transgenderism.

Please SIGN this urgent petition asking President Trump to take a firm stand against the ruling, and push for measures which will help protect people of faith, especially employers and schools, who have an absolute right to live (and, hire) in accordance with the truth about the human person and sexuality.

The Supreme Court has, once again, usurped the legitimate role of the legislature in an exercise of raw judicial activism as bold as Roe v. Wade.

President Trump needs to lead on this issue right now because this ruling will open the door to a tsunami of legal cases against churches, religious schools and religious employers. 

In one section of this opinion, Justice Gorsuch writes that he foresees a path for religious institutions to fight their way to the supreme court to seek exceptions from the court imposed LGBT agenda. 

Of course, Justice Gorsuch knows what this means.  The free exercise of religion now has the boot of the Supreme Court and the LGBT radicals squarely on its neck.

We need the President to aggressively pursue legal courses of action to help Christian employers and Christian institutions like schools to continue to follow their conscience.

Please SIGN this petition which asks President Trump to actively pursue legal strategies to help protect Christians from this erroneous Supreme Court ruling.

Also, please let the President know that this ruling as well as his muted approval of this ruling is not only incompatible with Christian morality and teaching, but also unacceptable and totally out of step with the majority of Bible-believing Christians who would like to see him re-elected.

We will never accept this erroneous ruling from an activist court which continues to disrespect the separation of powers between the branches of government, ultimately usurping powers vested by the people in the legislature.

Thank you for signing, today!


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