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TELL Vimeo: Restore Church Militant's account now

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Church Militant's Vimeo account has been banned.

This petition is asking Vimeo, and their parent company IAC, to reverse this ban, and restore Church Militant's account as soon as humanly possible.

In this latest and shocking assault on conservative and Christian freedom of expression by Big Tech, Vimeo, the social media video platform, has accused Church Militant of promoting "hate" on its videos.

Saying hard truths in charity, especially when unpopular, should be protected by Big Tech, not censored!

"This is a preposterous claim - aligning Church Militant with "hate groups", and their ilk - which has absolutely no basis in reality," said John-Henry Westen, Editor-in-Chief of LifeSiteNews.

"This is an attack against everyone, not just Catholics and Christians and conservatives. This is a serious attack on free speech, itself" Westen continued. "And, we are petitioning Vimeo, and their parent company, IAC, to reverse this egregious decision as soon as humanly possible."

One of Church Militant's spokesmen revealed that Vimeo has already removed upto 10,000 of their videos.

Freedom of conscience and freedom of speech should not depend on arbitrary criteria which vary from week to week. Nor should these freedoms depend on the subjective judgment of a monitor who can make declarations at a whim.

Though some may not agree with Church Militant, they have a right to express themselves without being labelled as "hateful."

Please SIGN this petition and ask Vimeo, and its parent company, IAC, to restore Church Militant's account. Then, please SHARE this petition with your like-minded family, friends and colleagues.

And, if you wish, please contact Vimeo's parent company at 212-314-7300 or 212-314-7251 or 212-314-7400, to politely ask that Church Militant's Vimeo account be restored. Thank you!



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