PETITION: Urge Governor DeSantis to give parents freedom in school choice

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It has never been more obvious that what the public schools are currently offering does not fit the needs of Florida’s children and families.

That’s why Parents United for School Choice (FL) is partnering with LifeSite on this petition, asking Governor DeSantis to give parents the right to select which school is best for their kids – and, let their tax dollars follow their child to the school of their choice, be it a public, private, charter or home school.

Please SIGN this urgent petition, urging Governor DeSantis to sign a crucial executive order that would allow for school choice.

The School Choice executive order would:

* Allow funds to be allocated to the family for the child to be used for:

  •    Curriculum materials
  •    Technological educational materials
  •    Tutoring
  •    Extracurricular activities
  •    Private school tuition
  •    Support for Special Education

* Ensure each child would receive the same amount of funding, regardless of where the child is enrolled

* Protect non-public education providers from federal and state control

Not only do we need to support parents in making decisions about their children's education, we also need to give parents the flexibility - in terms of resources and curricula - to 'custom design' their children's education.

After all, it is parents who best know their own children.

School choice would empower all parents to make consequential decisions regarding their children's education. And, this executive order could also encourage schools, of all types, to better tailor curricula and materials, as well as teaching style/method, to the needs of each individual pupil.

And, of course, this executive order could help homeschoolers by making homeschooling more affordable and more engaging, as homeschooling parents would have greater recources at their disposal.

Please SIGN this petition which supports school choice and which urges Governor Ron DeSantis to issue an executive order for immediate assistance to parents and families in desperate need of educational options.

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