PETITION: Urge President Trump to overrule Navy order prohibiting sailors from going to church

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The Navy has just announced it is scaling back it's order prohibiting servicemen and women from attending off-base religious services.

The most recent provisions in the order allow servicemen and women to attend off-base religious services if "conditions are met locally." In areas where 'conditions' aren't met, off-base religious service attendance is still prohibited.

Although this is progress, it isn't enough. We are calling on all our readers to help us sound the alarm. Your help is needed right now to continue to reach more people with this information and send a strong and clear message that barring our men and women in uniform from the practice of their faith is simply anti-American!

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Even though President Trump has declared religious services to be "essential," the Navy just prohibited personnel from attending off-base church services.

Because of the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, naval command has issued a new order designed to make the fleet resistant to infection.

However, the order unjustly and severely impinges on religious freedom while permitting visits to the dry cleaner, bank and post office.

This is wrong. And, it's also 'unlawful,' as First Liberty Institute General Counsel, Mike Berry, said in a statement, explaining the draconian nature of the order.

Servicemen and women risk court-martial simply for going to church.

A careful analysis of the order, obtained by LifeSiteNews, reveals how indoor religious services unfortunately have been deemed to be "non-essential," and lumped together with tattoo and body piercing parlors, bars, night clubs and casinos, amongst other venues and activities.

Sailors stand ready to give their lives for our country; therefore, our country must be willing to provide them the spiritual sustenance they need.

Please SIGN this petition, asking President Trump to use his authority as Commander-in-Chief to rectify this order, and make religious services "essential" for all Navy personnel.

In crafting the new order, one of the Navy's Rear Admirals, John Wade, lists two sets of venues and activities, one of which could be deemed "non-essential," and the other, "essential."

Servicemen and women are prohibited from visiting or participating in the "non-essential" venues and activities, and face court-martial for doing so.

At the same time, they are told to take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of disease while visiting or participating in the "essential" venues and activities.

Here is a partial list of "non-essential" venues and activities, which are all off-installation:

  • Indoor Religious Services
  • Tattoo and Body Piercing Parlors
  • Bars, Night Clubs and Casinos
  • Cinemas/Theaters
  • Team Sports

Now, here is a partial list of the "essential" venues and activities, also off-installation:

  • Mass Transit
  • Auto Repair
  • Laundry Services
  • Post Office
  • In-Residence Social Gatherings with more than 10 guests who do not reside in-residence.

Note the first activity in the "essential" category is the use of mass transit, an indoor activity which often involves being in close contact with dozens or hundreds of unknown people.


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