PETITION: Urge state governors to stop abortions during coronavirus crisis

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At least a third of the country's population has been ordered to shelter-in-place to help flatten the coronavirus curve.

Only "essential" services continue to function.

And hospitals, requiring medical personnel and supplies to fight the virus, have stopped non-essential surgeries and other procedures.

But, the abortion industry continues its bloody pursuit of filthy lucre, unabated, even in this crisis.

This needs to stop!

This petition calls on all US Governors to stop access to elective abortion -- at least during the coronavirus.**

Abortion is not "health care." It is the wanton destruction of innocent human life.

Abortion is not "essential." It is, in fact, never medically necessary.

Especially during a major pandemic, when everyone is being told to take measures to "save lives," it is the height of hypocrisy that the country's abortion mills continue to function.

Two states have already taken the lead in this regard: Ohio and Texas. Ohio and Texas just banned abortion facilities from operating for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

With this petition, we ask other state governors to press for the same policy in their states, and we ask them to enforce such a ban against abortionists who might defy the policy.

This is not a political or ideological issue.

It is a matter of saving lives:

  • The lives of those who will be saved from the coronavirus, with access to the medical supplies now being selfishly consumed by the abortion industry.
  • And, the lives of the unborn children who could gain an unexpected reprieve from a death sentence.

Please SIGN this urgent petition today. Lives depend on it. Thank you!


**LifeSite believes in the sanctity of human life, from conception till natural death. We would like to see abortion stopped, everywhere, permanently, and will work towards the day when that is a reality. Suffice it to say, we do not consider life-saving treatment in pregnancy, which is designed to save the life of a mother, but which results in the unfortunate death of the unborn child, "abortion."


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