PETITION: Call on Vatican to keep out all "pagan" symbols from St. Peter's and Vatican Property!

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Exactly one year after the Pachamama scandal, the Vatican has inexplicably issued a new coin depicting a woman who is pregnant with the Earth in her womb.

Whereas the official Vatican description makes reference to care for the Earth as a "daughter," the similarity to the pagan Pachamama symbol has given rise to other interpretations.

Various media outlets, including the news website owned by the German bishops, made a connection between the coin and the Pachamama statues used in the context of the Amazon synod last year, even though the appearance of “Mother Earth” on the coin differs from the statues used in 2019.

“The coin recalls the Pachamama statues set up at the Amazon synod in the previous year, which according to the prefect of the Vatican communication dicastery, Paolo Ruffini, ‘stand for life, fertility and mother earth’ and should bring the culture of the Amazon region also objectively to the synod,” wrote

Please SIGN the petition which asks Vatican authorities to remove, and keep out, pagan statues and images from Vatican property.


Cardinal Raymond Burke is backing a France-originated call to prayer and reparation on Dec. 12 for the Pachamama idolatry that took place at the Vatican during the Amazon Synod, saying that “diabolical forces” have entered St. Peter’s Basilica that need to be “vanquished.”

“Something very grave happened during the special assembly of the Bishops’ Synod for the Amazon region. An idol was introduced into St Peter's Basilica – the figure of a demonic force,” said Cardinal Burke during a short Dec. 8 interview with the French independent TV station, TVLibertés.

“Therefore reparation is necessary and also prayers, so that the diabolical forces that entered with this idol are vanquished by the grace of God, by Christ who wants St Peter's Basilica to be purified of the sacrilegious act that took place during the Synod,” he added.

Please SIGN this petition, and please pray, in reparation, so that the diabolical force truly are vanquished from St. Peter's.


PETITION UPDATE II (10/26/2019):

Pope Francis has called the carved wooden statues at the center of an idolatry scandal in the Vatican “Pachamama statues,” confirming suspicions that the statues were idols of the Incan fertility goddess.

Speaking to attendees at the Amazon Synod, he apologized as “the bishop of Rome” to those who were offended at the statues being removed from the church and thrown into the Tiber.

But, rather than being offended, many Catholics were actually relieved at seeing a couple of brave men remove the idols from occupying space which most of the faithful know to be sacred.

Nevertheless, some Catholic news outlets are claiming that the statues could be returned to St. Peter's on Sunday, to mark the close of the Amazon Synod.

God forbid.

Please now pray for the Church and the Pope and Bishops to give honor to God alone in Church buildings and in the Sacred Liturgy. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to shield from confusion and error all of the Hierarchy and faithful, under her sacred mantle.

Thank you for continuing to SIGN this petition. God bless!


PETITION UPDATE I (10/24/2019):

Since first launching our petition, brave Catholic men launched a raid to rid the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina of several offending "pagan" statues.

The men removed said statues from many of the church's side altars and duly disposed of the carvings in the Tiber Riber.

This simple and straight-forward action has been welcomed by Catholic faithful around the world who have been aggrieved to witness the grave offense of syncretism against Christ, His Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And, just now, one of the noble Princes of the Church, Cardinal Müller, has offered his opinion on the matter.

In response to a question by EWTN's Raymond Arroyo about the removal of the idols from Santa Maria in Traspontina by Catholic laity, the Cardinal stated: "The great mistake was to bring the idols into the church, not to to put them out."

We give thanks to God for this strong stand against idol worship and the invasion of pagan ceremony into the Church.

BUT, we are still asking for Vatican authorities and the Pope to cast out all such statues and symbols from Vatican property, including from St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Gardens, and from the Synod Hall.

Thank you for SIGNING now.


The First Commandment: “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods before Me.”

Please SIGN this urgent petition asking Vatican officials to remove the mysterious statue of a nude, pregnant indigenous woman that has featured prominently in various events and ceremonies involving the Pope.

Since just before the beginning of the Synod till present, the statue has been stationed in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Synod Hall and the Vatican gardens.

This is a problem because at least one indigenous leader has identified the original ceremony involving the same statue as “pagan."

And, because it sows seeds of confusion and syncretism, which is defined as the attempt to amalgamate different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.

Last week, for example, a Dominican panelist at the Holy See Press Office conceded that the statue is open to interpretation, as either the Virgin Mary or Mother Earth!

Later, the Vatican denied that the statue represents the Virgin Mary, but they have not confirmed what the statue actually does represent!

But, even allowing such a statue on the Vatican property simply confirms that the critics were correct when they predicted a foray by paganism against the divinity of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Now we can see that even the place of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the economy of salvation is being questioned!

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, demanding that the Church authorities remove from Vatican venues the "pagan" statue of the pregnant, nude indigenous woman. Thank you!