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DEFEND Mothers and Babies Against Powerful CEOs Paying Female Employees to Abort!

Speak directly to the most powerful big-box CEOs and DEMAND that they STOP supporting pro-death abortion laws targeting new mothers! Support a culture of life by signing this pro-life and pro-family petition TODAY! 

  • 5,544

PETITION: Stand with Farmers Against the Great Reset!

Add YOUR NAME to the international effort to support farmers and fight back against globalist elites!

  • 33,745

URGENT: DEMAND Merrick Garland Protect D.C. From Pro-Abortionists Planning JAIL TIME This Saturday at “Rage at the White House”!

This Saturday, July 9, radical Pro-Abortionists pledge to "put their bodies on the line" — building a Jail Support Fund for protestors! LifeSiteNews has obtained their latest team text and email! SIGN NOW: Alert AG Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice to ACT NOW against this insanity!

  • 2,105

PETITION: Stand WITH Justice Clarence Thomas, AGAINST Abortion Fanatics Like Hillary Clinton

Let Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas know that you stand with him for life and the Constitution, and against personal attacks from radical elitists like Hillary Clinton!

  • 2,625

Stand with the MLB players who refuse to wear Pride colors

The Left hasn't been very toleratant of their dissent.

  • 13,533

Tell the Secretary of Defense: "Pride Month" is making our country weaker

While all people must be respected, not all behaviors should be celebrated.

  • 10,223

Pope Francis: Don't make Bishop McElroy a cardinal - he knew about McCarrick

He ignored allegations against McCarrick, when victims were too scared to speak publicly.

  • 12,784

PETITION: Trudeau must apologize for "mass grave" smear that led to church-burnings

Churches burned because of the now-debunked 'mass grave' lie. 

  • 6,373