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PETITION: Ban COVID vaccine mandates for schools and universities!

SIGN and DEMAND that your state lawmakers and governors prohibit COVID vaccine mandates for school and university students.

  • 42,849

Thank Cardinal Burke for defending Life, Family, Freedom and Tradition

UPDATE: Thanks be to God, Cardinal Burke is now recovering in hospital after his harrowing medical emergency.

  • 19,634

PETITION: Tell University of Pittsburgh to stop barbaric experiments using human babies

SIGN and contact University of Pittsburgh to demand that they stop experimentation using preborn babies, including appalling practices used to obtain fetal body parts. CC'ed to the Pennsylvania State Legislature

  • 23,489

SIGN: Show Pope Francis the Latin Mass will survive any suppression

SIGN and SEND an urgent message to Pope Francis, asking him to reconsider his severe restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass.

  • 36,561

PETITION: Stand with Hungary for protecting children from LGBT propaganda

SIGN and STAND with Hungary who is being assaulted by LGBT radicals for banning LGBT propaganda and pornography for children.

  • 44,718

Canada's Health Minister: Make abortion pill reversal information available

SIGN and urge Canda's Health Minister Patty Hajdu to make information on abortion pill reversal available. Give Canadian women a second chance at choice!

  • 2,571

PETITION: Tell Capitol Records to SCRAP album cover which offends against the Blessed Mother

SIGN and urge Capitol Records to scrap the sacrilegious album cover depicting "Halsey" posing at the Blessed Virgin Mary with one breast exposed.

  • 2,228

PETITION: Support Texas Dad risking everything to save his son from being "transitioned" into a girl

SIGN and urge Texas' Attorney General to quash the gag order against Jeff Younger, the Dad who is trying to save his son, James, from being chemically castrated and forced to live as a girl.

  • 9,799

PETITION: Stand with the priest who rebuked the Democratic Party and admonished the bishops

Please support a Wisconsin priest who faces canonical punishment for admonishing the bishops, and for stating: "You can't be a Catholic and a Democrat...Their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches."

  • 96,836

PETITION: Support 2-year-old's right to remain on life support in UK

SIGN and support Alta Fixsler's parents who are being prevented from removing their daughter from the hospital that wants her to die, even when there are offers to treat her in Israel or the U.S.

  • 6,481