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SIGN THE PETITION: Pope Francis, rescind pontifical honor to abortion activist

The Pope gave a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT extremist a papal honor
  • 2,263

SIGN THE PLEDGE: Join pro-life leaders pledging fidelity to the Catholic faith!

Pro-life leaders have signed a pledge refusing to follow 'erring pastors.' Join them here!
  • 801

PETITION: Trudeau bans funding for groups that oppose abortion. Tell him NO!

Tell the Trudeau government to stop their attack on freedom of speech and religion!
  • 20,026

PETITION: Remove the ‘crucified cow’ on display in Catholic church

Join local Catholics in urging the bishop to stop the ‘art’ display, and do public prayers of reparation.
  • 5,244

Show your support for Fr. Thomas Weinandy

Fr. Thomas Weinandy was asked to resign from the USCCB after he pointed out Pope Francis is causing confusion
  • 4,632

Stand with Bishop Morlino. Sign the pledge!

His Excellency is under attack for upholding Church teaching on homosexuality
  • 6,086

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Bishop Kevin Vann to uphold Church teaching

Your Excellency, do not allow Fr. Gregory Boyle, a supporter of women’s ordination, to speak.
  • 2,023

PETITION: Support the filial correction of Pope Francis for 'propagating heresies'

With filial devotion, we respectfully urge the Pope to reject heresy and confirm the brethren.
  • 8,106

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell this bishop to take a clear stand against ‘gay marriage'

Tell Bishop Long that Australian Gay ‘marriage’ vote is definitely a simple no.
  • 756

Stand with Trump nominee attacked for her Catholic faith. Sign the pledge of support!

Stand with Trump nominee attacked for her Catholic faith. Sign the pledge of support!
  • 2,744