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To Canada's Parliament: Protect EVERY unborn child from abortion. Repeal section 223 (1)

The right to life of EVERY Canadian should be protected, including the unborn. Repeal section 223(1) of the criminal code!
  • 3,211

To Pope Francis: I support the 4 cardinals' letter pleading for clarity

Cardinal Burke and 3 other cardinals have written Pope Francis pleading for clarity. Express your support for the letter.
  • 28,054

Congratulate President-Elect Trump and support his pro-life agenda!

Trump has won the presidency. Now, tell him to keep his pro-life promises!
  • 37,785

Boycott Catholic Relief Services until they follow Catholic teachings

Catholic Relief Services was caught stocking millions of contraceptives. Tell CRS to start being truly Catholic.
  • 2,473

Send a “Thank You” to Catholic bishop and priest attacked for defending marriage!

The media is smearing a faithful priest who dismissed his parish's openly homosexual music director. Let's shower him with support!
  • 6,082

Pope Francis: withdraw the Vatican's flawed new sex-ed curriculum (Sign the petition)

The Vatican's new sex-ed program is profoundly flawed and sidelines parents. Demand that it be retracted. Sign the petition.
  • 278

Credo of Christ’s faithful families (Sign here)

These are the truths we expect Catholic institutions and the Catholic hierarchy to uphold.
  • 223

Urge pro-abort VP pick Tim Kaine to repent and affirm Catholic moral teaching (Sign the open letter)

Join us in calling on Sen. Kaine to repudiate his support for legal abortion, same-sex "marriage," gay adoption, and other grave evils. Sign the open letter!
  • 1,124

'End the confusion': Pray and fast for Pope Francis (Sign the pledge)

Join countless Catholics in praying (and fasting) for Pope Francis, that he may be given the grace to speak the truth with clarity and courage.
  • 196

Voice of the Family prayer campaign for Church and family (Petition)

Join the campaign to ask our Lady to deliver the Church and the family from the errors and dangers that gravely threaten them today.
  • 44