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PETITION: Urge Catholic bishops to refuse Holy Communion to pro-abortion Biden

Ask the Catholic Bishops of the U.S. to withdraw Holy Communion from Joe Biden until he publicly repents from his scandalous promotion of abortion - the wilful murder of innocent preborn human beings.

  • 49,300

VICTORY: Pastor Coates to be released from jail!

SIGN to tell the Alberta government to release Pastor Coates from jail now, and to tell the national government of Canada to protect people of faith against draconian Covid measures.

  • 34,081

PETITION: Dump YouTube, Twitter and Big Tech for threatening our democracy and freedom of speech!

UPDATE (2/23/21) - LifeSite has signed on to a Media Research Center letter to all 50 state Attorneys General, calling for an investigation into Big Tech. SIGN and STOP using Twitter, Facebook, Google (YouTube) and Amazon to take back your privacy and freedom of speech!

  • 75,392

IOC: Relocate 2022 Beijing Olympics over China's human rights' abuses

SIGN and tell the International Olympic Committee to take emergency action and RELOCATE the 2022 Winter Olympics away from China for widespread human rights' abuses inconsistent with the Olympic spirit.

  • 29,955

U.S. Bishops: SHUT DOWN the Campaign for Human Development

SIGN to urge the U.S. bishops to permanently shut down a rogue agency of their national conference which promotes actions and ideas contrary to Catholic teaching.

  • 25,830

U.S. Senators: Don't use new relief bill to fund abortion!

SIGN and URGE all U.S. Senators to REMOVE abortion funding from the COVID relief bill. Recovery from COVID-19 has nothing to do with abortion, so tell the Senate not to taint the relief bill with innocent blood.

  • 8,846

PRAY IN REPARATION: Sony's new movie 'The Unholy' blasphemes the Blessed Virgin Mary

SIGN and PRAY in reparation for Sony's new release 'The Unholy' - to be released on Good Friday - which blasphemes the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • 5,691

PETITION: Oppose taxpayer-funded abortion #SaveHyde

SIGN to support 200 GOP congressmen who are pushing back against the Democrats' plan to overturn the Hyde Amendment - the policy which prohibits your federal tax dollars from paying for abortion.

  • 43,758

PETITION: Biological males don't belong in girls' sports - #IStandWithSelina

Boys should not be competing in girls' sports. It's common sense. Selina Soule fought for girls' rights to compete against other girls. We are honoring her efforts by continuing to fight for girls' sports for girls!

  • 415,510

Boycott American Girl: Tell Mattel to STOP pushing a lesbian storyline on children!

Parents should boycott Mattel until the company pulls the new American Girl 'Kira Bailey' doll which puts adults' sexual politics before the interests of children.

  • 2,362